gotta hit up complex, i need that other half a mic, cos that hiphopconnectionmagazine was a classic, right

Oct 08 issue.

man rza’s swags on full tilt, from the halfro down and im jealous of that 45 shirt, gaudy as it may be. his jewellery games nice too.

before i go any further yes the files packin much weight, its my first time  scanning anythin other than a drivers license so forgive me if shit got a little outta hand. on the plus side though theres a bunch of really great original photography of the juice crew and that by the god normski (il heap untold riches on anyone who can deliver a recording of  his short-lived channel 4 show, i caught it once as a youngin and was highly amused by his telling of the time he rode round LA in a droptop terrified of being carjacked) so least you get to enjoy them in high-def.

hhc was a great magazine and im not really the person to speak on the influence or importance it had cos i was a relative newjack to it but i do know it was the first proper rap magazine (few months before the source) and it also gave de la their first interview, both of which warrant some sorta respect in my opinion. its also gone kind of unnapreciated and is beyond slept on outside the uk and ireland. most mentions of it online iv seen resulted in people sayin theyv never read it/heard of it, which i think was the catalyst for me starting this blog.

it had its flaws, they could be biased with their uk rap coverage (which is understandable, they were the only publication promoting most of that shit and its easier to slag an american rapper whos probably never heard of your magazine than some deluded mad cunt who could potentially turn up at the office with a bat yellin bout takin pot noodle out his kids mouths) their taste could occasionally skew towards the more vanilla backpack element(z) and their reviews werent exactly gospel but they had so many more things that made them great those minor missteps were irrelevant. they had the most balanced coverage of regional, niche, underground, major label, whatever of any magazine iv ever seen and really tried to put all of that stuff on a level playing field.

they also seemed to go out of their way to get as diverse a range of writers as iv ever seen (some of whom are also some of the most respected rap blog ppls), there were some great writers but they seemed to focous more on people who knew a lot about rap and loved writing about it as opposed to people who new a lot about writing and were just using it as a stepping stone in their novelist career or whatever. and they were honest. like uncomprimisingly honest, not afraid of stepping on important toes or even disagreeing with each other. there wasnt really much politickin or a party line to toe at all, ha at one point in this issue someone picks crunk juice as album of the year and on the same page someone disses it. oh and they had great taste, not in the sense that you could trust it and expect to agree with it the whole time but in how it could be really well informed, distinctive and progressive, i mean husalin since da 80s is their 06 album of the year! they also played around with the traditional magazine format a fair bit, all this is covered in the issue a lot more eloquently than im doin here tho.

yeah i know it really wasnt neccessary for me to write this big speel  just for scans of a rap magazine but well, i dont wanna sound like a lil bitch but hhc was important to me. i remember actually being kinda angry when i heard that they were shutting down and also being really surprised a fuckin magazine could have that effect on me, i mean i was dissapointed when mongrel and scratch stopped and regretted not buying more issues but this one kinda got to me a lil bit. like i said, i cant speak on the influence it had overrall but it certainly had a huge effect on my listening habits and attitude about rap music, music in general really. id probly still be fairly conservative in my tastes if it wasnt for em, shit they even introduced me to blogs. maybe its cos im from somewhere thats not exactly rap-friendly at the best of times where the only magazines are the sauce and xxl but i really felt like id found the holy grail when i bought it for the first time.

forgive the fanboy hyperbole, im sorta embarrased i wrote this much without sayin much of anythin at all but fuck it this shits a dry run (il do me best not to bite cocaine blunts/martorialist’s steez too much in the mean time). i suspect as blogging ennui sets in my enthusiasm will fade but cot damn hhc were the goat, fuck a source. (post benzino-gate that is. the first one.)

i decided to start with the 20th anniversary issue cos they do a proper retrospective of the magazine which does a great job of showin you how they get down. its also just a really great issue, they do a potted history of rap in general starting from the peak of the golden age up til 08, and do an remarkably thourough job of covering near every important rapper/album. obviously a lot of stuff had to be left out and the older regional stuff is by and large ignored but they did a better job than i can imagine anyone doing. they must have agonized over this shit for ages. so anyways, here:

quit whingin,  just delete some of them posthumous mac dre/flying lotus albums your never gonna listen to thatv been clogging up your harddrive to make room.

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