all that scratchins makin me think

via sah“Turf Talk f/ Mistah F.A.B. “Bay Boy” (2011, prod. by DJ Fresh)

This would have been a welcome addition to Turf Sinatra. Also, this is the first time I can recall hearing scratches on a Fresh track.

(via Siccness)”


yeah its especially weird cos he used to be a turntabilist sort, least far as i know. he was definitly common’s tour dj so considering he busts headspins or whatever during his shows im sure there was a dj set worked in too. still tho, if mannie fresh can have a dj song on his album and do that devinesque vocal scratching the whole time (only two people that shites acceptable from) itd be cool to hear dj fresh  do it more. not sayin every song should be a premier-style cut-up chorus but it can be a nice addition to a song if its used right and i think the main reason its not done much aside from just modern indifference to that sound is a lack of skills, so if you have them why not put them to use.

if they manage to come within the same solar system of the vocal sample-scratch greatness on display here theyr laughin

songs class but im not that fond of the hook, first dude sounds extra cheesy.  and im not sure bout turf’s delivery of late, he kinda neutered the harsh gravellyness of his voice and  the way he exentuated his syllables too and that schizophrenic animated flows half the appeal for me. i am glad he toned down the adlibs tho, felt like he went a bit overboard occasionally circa-west coast vaccine. (still a classic despite).


and this chump can piss off, bar the odd tune and his radio show iv always been miffed by his appeal.

also im not sure if everyone should be blanket referring to them as “dj fresh” productions. fair enough if thats how theyr tagged but from what i understand it should be “dj fresh and the whole shebang” most of the time, its a collective with like seven dudes in it. he breaks it down here. some of em make some great beats solo so itd be a shame if they kept bein slept on.  its understandable what with the “dj fre-fre-fressssh” drops and that but still, credit where its due but then again the internet kinda fucked up production credits and i dont see datpiff providing liner notes any time soon. suppose  “the whole shebang” is a bit of a mouthful, maybe rappers feel less awkward stickin to shoutin out fresh (speakin of which no more “fresh like my dj” references. ha. we get it.)

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