remindin me of a brown stallion

young dro ft. ti and b.o.b. – grand hustle kings off equestrian dro (grand hustle, 2011)

yeh this beat is nice (not even touchin old man in the ranks of steptoe and son* sampling tho. odb and ra cameos ftw) and everyone raps well (even bobbie) but holy fuck does that hook ever ruin the song completely. im not the biggest enthusiast of r&b+rapsongs (hence the blogname) and i can usually ignore the budgetgenericvaselineonthelipsdickinthebootyextendedmorsecode choruses but i almost skipped this one without listening that jonas brother squawkings so bad. someone who can work audacity better than me should sort out a hookless version pretty please. i love his verse on the chris brown/twista song too but thats all i love about it. aside from that, solid tape theres a bunch of great stuff on and dros still nice with it.

*yeh the american one had red foxx but im not tryna hear that noise, british telly comedy>>>>american telly comedy (the irish in mes dyin havin to say that but its true), especially way back when eg: porridge    obv ted>>>erything tho.

plus whats the point in havin red foxx if he cant curse? matter of fact what the fucks the point of havin telly if theres no cursin. for the country that invented free speech ye have somehow bypassed the most important part, the joys of sayin fuck and cunt a whole bunch. and og office>>>>american office, despite the fact i actually like carrell and by and large think gervais is an annoyin cunt but fucking catchphrases

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