i came into college late  there a few weeks back and they were showing this and the fact i was still a bit gonzo from the night before may have played its part but this had me laughin somethin awful. yeh i know americans like to do things bigger and more overblown compared to their european conterparts but this shit was so innapropriately bombastic its ridiculous, from the dramatic mood music down to that nutbag presenter. yer mans almost reachin busta on arsenio levels of animation,  i wouldnt be surprised if he was the dude who always rapped at house parties so on point is his hand waving and that. i was shocked how hard bill was thuggin too, it like he was chanelling all the god delusions, ruthlessness and crazy of ti, charlie, krs and LL*all into one deceptively lithe, bespectacled vessel.

and who knew them nerds were ballin like that?

* full docs here

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