deeebeeegee should always get payed, he’l take some classic songs and make em better

“we do drugs n___a, fuck what you think”

the man cant do wrong. i cant remember much recent chipmunk sampling, bar maybe the shady bambino project that didnt sound dated, let alone a little bit progressive like this. the piano loop to piano/vocal chop up breakdown is just that feel-good music nhjic. top 10 song/video of the year so far for me and iv only listened to it twice, maybe that speaks of the immediate appeal of his music, im not sure. actually, i love this song and video more than some of my relatives fuck a no homo.

i ordinarily  stongly disagree with makin these definitive statements about music, they both have their strengths, its far, far too early to say and the comparison doesnt extend any further beyond mostly-surface similarities like the delivery and a similar line in dramatic world-weary anthems but fuck it db might actually>>>>boosie, least for me anyways. one definitive statement i dont feel as uneasy about is that hes way more consistent (jail not withstanding).

i mean i hate to add more fuel to the (microspcopic as it may be) boosie=db fire, especially when dbs not exactly blowin up yet, fuck it tho db makes the comparison himself on one his songs and made a mixtape thats like 80% throwback nostalgia thats somehow not terrible or gimmicky so whatever. theres even a sequence remake!

i just found this on youtube lookin for the sequence tune – cot damn. i needa listen to that first young og i dld asap fyi wtf lmao ira uvf mop gyheyeahh

“its still sim city mayne” – ah man i fucking love this dude.


i better stop now before my stannery makes people doubt his greatness. his delivery on this is so dramatic* and i havent decided yet if the other dudes really original or really generic but hes does a great job either way.

*yeh im repeatin myself but theres no other word that describes him better, and im not resortin to them “cinematic” or “like a film” cliches. maybe i just need to start readin dictionarys like supernatural.

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