all pac with extra mustard, hold the biggavelli and french dressing

“strike upon thee with the vengance”

its been said before but max is one of the few great new york rappers with a really original style from the last few years and why more people dont jock him is beyond me. cheers to rnt for puttin me up on him properly. im usually not a fan of these prison/posthumous videos (i wonder if tupac hadnt dont the temptations* video** would they have ever even existed? i could be wrong but i think he was the first one. )  but this is great, buckling in the bundle was a nice touch.


* blasphemous as it sounds, i think pac shoulda worked more with east coast producers like moe bee. theres a reason why me against the world is the album of his even his staunchest haters begrudgingly respect and its not just that its sonics are more friendly to those whose tastes lean more east coast. maybe its cos of him being a nomad growing up# but i think he was more consistent and sounded most comfortable when he had more of a regionally diverse range of production behind him.

im not his biggest fan##  but iv still listened to him a lot and while i think the lions share of his best songs are on all eyez on me and 7 day theory, theres a reason why  me against the world is considered his most well rounded, complete album and i think thats mostly owed to the bi-coastal production bringin the best out of him. he even did a great nostalgic reminiscing-type tune, which is hard to pull off  if your not ahmad. (who could actually rap his arse off, there was more to him than that booty brown jr style on display there.)

* * despite what i said above bout these videos this ones a favourite of mine. coolios got that bug-eyed cartoonish shit down pat plus ice-t shoulda made more cameos back then. speakin of coolio, hes responsible for the goat telly theme of my childhood along with topcathey arnold, fresh prince obviously and city guys (fuck that last ones cheesier than i remember) .

# even he was confused about where he was from. he started off sayin fuck the opd and then hes repping LA and referring to NY as “them” despite originally being from there. thats not to mention baltimore and wherever the fuck else he grew up. this kinda flip-flopping and disloyalty to your hometown goes so strongly against rap’s long established geographical fixation thats its amazing he got away with, let alone had it more or less brushed under the table. people express incredulity at how rawse has blown up even bigger after his supposed carreer killer but at least it was discussed openly and was treated like a big deal. while hardly on the same level, the fact 2pacs weird relationship with his background is rarely if ever mentioned (and even then just in passing) is a real mystery to me.

## unlike a lot of people i dont think hes hes either hugely over or under-rated, i just think hes a pretty good rapper for the most part with occasional moments of greatness. obviously hes undeniably important and influencial tho.

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