are you the minister for gee?


skip to round 1:40 (ignore the not very funny “stand-up” at the start, their game was dead sloppy back then. iv seen them live since tho and they are now swagged the fuck out#, dancin bitches on stage in lingerie and horse masks and erything.)

look theyr not amazing but theyr pretty great for what it is and have way more swag than any of them loney islands or whoever.

despite this being way, way weaker than the og. (over-produced, shit new middle verse and takin out “i wanna fight your da, yah” at th end is unforgivable. plus “roisin”s a way better title) i hope to fuck they blow up outside of here cos theres very few irish things i feel comfortable cosigning. outside of booze tolerance, our sense of humour and the best attitude to cursewords/insulting people* in the globe were absolute shit at everything else most of the time, maybe cos of the aforementioned booze or our entertainers inferiority complex tryna be like the brits and americans too much**.

theyr pretty smart and self-aware too as displayed here. honestly i wouldnt expect most musicians (parody or otherwise) to be able to defend their work as eloquently as he does here.  Livelines yet another reason for me to be ashamed of my homeland,  a radio show for fuckin clowns to ring into to complain about bullshit. i mean anything, could be their neighbours dog barkin all night and often is. one of the most popular shows in the country.

heres some other examples of how they get down:

has more views than the population of ireland.

this ones lost on anyone without a decent knowledge of irish history/armchair republicanism.

same deal with this, bout a politician from their hometown who is fucking swagged out of it. our former minister for defense*** who used to have publicity shots of him in tanks and such.

* nevermind “the dozens” we do be havin unaccustomed foreigners feelings hurt constantly.

** ironically,the people we hate more than anyone. the english one can be pretty strongly felt which is understandable (check the irish wiki page) but the american ones more of a friendly thing (them tendin to be so swagged out and kinda cheesy compared to us probly plays its part but 99% of its our only exposure to them being all them extra annoying overly earnest plastic paddy tourists coming back to find their roots. piss off with that fuckry and no i dont know the fucking murphys or can i give you directions to county cork you stupid fat cunt.)

*** pointless title cos wer nuetral and the last war we were in was a hundred years ago to get our independance and even that was a amatuer guerilla style job. fuckin battered em tho.

#im sorry if iv contributed to the ruining of “swag” and potentially the based god by “funny” people on twitter and other such types tryna be ironic by using it loads in this post but whatever im being sincere. all above people/incidents are swagged the fuck out.

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