damn patna howd you survive some shit like that therra without goin into a comaaaa


he said hed be gettin in the dx interview hed be gettin back to his older ways, he obviously meant it. i love his shit from the last half-decade and them schizo hyphy punch you in your face beats are great but i missed this*. his more tradionally structured (by 40 standards obviously, theyr still weird) verses are great but  this is closer to that unpredictable spittinandpitchinafitfasttalkinconmanghettoinnercityurbanreversepsychologyallovertheplace flow that he made his name with and iv been wishin hed get back to doin it, for whole verses anyway.

the beats still some state of the art slap (rick rock? i kinda see bits of the server in this, but its minor. doesnt sound like droop-e either. youg l? im just guessing at random here, i suppose other producers exist.**) but its that dark slow eerie shit thats been sorely missed (at least by me) and is far more deserving of the name slumper.

plus picture paintin storytellin 40! i missed him too. hide and seek is a top 5 greatest songs in that catagory.***

*with that said, hes never done this before. fuck why cant more rappers take after earl? he hasnt got magic powers hes obviously just learnt how both not to fall off and make progressive original music, learn from him you shmucks. ditto for quik (and to a lesser extent, AG. despite making the better album its more of a recent thing with him.)

** speaking of which, yer man that made teach you how to sell dope should be getting heaps more work.

*** and this is where some bay expert pops up to say the og was better but nah not for me. maybe its funkier and the better beat but the remix is way more atmospheric and appropriate, the breakdowns make all the difference too. it needed a third verse t0o, iv never liked how it was left open ended.

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