eee aye eee aye oh

april 09 issue.

im really not a fan of how everyones saying  mc (especially with that stupid fuckin limp bizkit spelling) and hiphop these days, especially if they think that using those words somehow legitimises the music more. from what i understand from my newjack perspective “hiphop” and da 4 elementz is a lazy catagory for eveything to fit neatly into, just an outsiders misguided notion of what a culture should be constructed circa  wild style/style wars, that for some reason loads of people from within the rap community latched onto and made concrete foreverandeverandever. (if rappers from the eighties say so, its gospel!)

mcs a great word but is particularly irrelevant now since the modern rap show has become the worst of any genre most of the time (shame cos it used to be really appropriate, especially cos all it was at first was crowd participation which makes it even more incomprehensible, like there wasnt even songs originally.) most of these clowns couldnt make a crowd move their head slightly and the only ceremonies theyv been responsible for lately are the ones where illuminatti rings get fitted.

this is hardly an original sentiment but im sick of everyone throwin these terms  around like they mean something, especially when half them dont know their significance or even what they stand for(that is unless they pay attention to tribe album skits.) its called rap music cos theres rapping in it and theyr called rappers cos they fucking rap.

this is the last issue and they certainly went out on a good note, (and a very apt one too cos theyr a goat raprag contender) its also particularly internet-friendly cos it centres round a big ol list. cant remember if it was xxl or what but someone bit their whole idea (a common occurance with these dudes, youd be surprised who some of the sharks were) near immediately after it was released. its irrelevant tho cos theres no way it was as meticulously and pain-stakingly researched and compiled as this. themed issues were one of hhcs stronger points i think.

they asked a load of rappers (for over a year at least im assuming) who they thinks goat* and then made a really in-depth article out of it exploring all the candidates strengths** by quoting the voting rapper’s favourite aspects of their choices and using the writers best suited to describe them, like james mcnally got krs (i think), robbie ettleson got g rap etc. actually its unfair to just call this a list, a huge chunk of the issue is themed around being an insightful study of the art of rapping which shirks any notion of going broad, ensuring a really interesting read** that somehow avoids falling into the boring fanboy trainspotting territory*** such an approach could easily fall into. its a pretty entertaining read for the most part.

other highlights:

  • english rapper whos a former member of the lebanese mafia discussing smuggling a stolen mammoths tusk.
  • the god bandana p’s take on the goat.
  • an article considering the merits of little kimberly’s debut. (fuck what you heard, its actually biggies sophomore project, a concept album where hes a midget lady rapper obsessed with cunninglinguini who doesnt look like an ugly fat fucker. with great beats.)
  • eric b interview where he mentions having dinner with robert deniro, russel simmons and nelson mandela.

this ones a third the size of the last one so take her handy eh. ———————→
(and im an amateur with the scanner so i havent got the balance right yet. vincent if you still exist could you tie my shoes? your shit was like 70mb but still good quality somehow.)

* i get the impression there was far more backpackery/old heads but that may have been due to not landing many interviews with other types of rappers due to bunch of reasons but mainly there being less of a market for most of the regional or more progressive styles of rap in europe as oppposed to that boom-bap/ pop shit. and i can imagine asking a lot of them jaded major label stars anything other than shit pertaining to their pr campaign or whatever just elicited blank stares. in fairness tho e-fonzarellis brought up in a goat discussion, name one other mag that would happen in (besides maybe murder dog.)

** even the rakim interview. hes actually really enthusiastic and verbose for once which makes a change cos hes usually press-shy (especially back in the day)/dull as shit (especially now). gzas ones great too.

*** such as in the egyptian lover interview near the back. still tho, its a full-length egyptian lover interview so read it. i enjoyed it a lot too.

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3 Responses to eee aye eee aye oh

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  2. Daniel. says:

    “Hip hop is the greatest rapper of all time!”

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