lazy shite filler no content random video and song post.

Nah, its still a little calculated but not that much and you have to throw some words in there, Right?

someone finally uploaded that L.I.Q. (possibly my favourite 40 song ever) video to youtube, that vbox site took far too long to load. fail cutting off big ballin wit my homies tho:

i always liked how beela didnt lean on the nepotism crutch which is an anomoly in these kinds of situations, like even if they were just friends youd expect way more than one or two features. like the album this is off even has suga free instead of tee. * suppose same can be said for the rest of sick wid it (way more so earlier on tho). whatever hes great and can hold an album down on his own.

the productions a different matter altogether tho. (am i the only one who thinks 40 let lil bruce have all the best  studio tone shit in 94? surely he would have had first pick. same deal with game related.)

one of the like, 7 genuinely great great english rap albums iv heard. (beats the one irish one.) albums from ’04 so no, the chipmunk production wasnt some out-of-touch uk rap shit. its almost a concept album of him just gettin out  and opening up with like evrything he was thinkin on the inside. no its not a proper concept prison album, but still. its even madder cos hes been around since the mid-ninties and got his only one album out like 7 years ago, from what i understand it was always either jail-time or rule #1080. hes great live too and has tons of charisma.

they ruined this next song for the video, takin near all the bottom end out of it:

ha someone even had him doin that wake-up show throw words at him freestyle shit a few years ago:

little talked about group on jazzy jay’s strong city label. also puba’s first group, i fuckin love puba but he always seemed like he coulda been a contender for goat but just sorta blew it makin pretty great albums instead of pure classics. not including one for all obviously. (even that felt like a random collection of songs and not a focused album. despite not being as good, their later albums worked better as complete albums, puba’s absence may have had somethin to do with that but thats wild speculation i suppose.)*

also having  “dr who” as a rap name is……….. fuck i dunno what it is. but i doubt it helped him bag any girlies at harlem world or wherever.

the album this is from is this trippy/bugged fuckadelic experimental madness and a fucking classic. it contains the greatest dre diss ever too. this songs one of the rare examples of an album highlight gettin the single treatment, he eats fried chicken underwater in a fur coat for fucks sake:

whereas i wish the title track off this album was a single, the vocoder(?) effect under his rappin was hard as a muh. i prefer havin thangs too but this here isnt shown enough and its a great vid, i think rapalot really had the best directors in rap music. all them old scarface videos were like mini-movies.:

also heres just some random tunes, seein as im not really botherin me hole with any context or any common theme today. theyr all the bidness. theres mc shan and balland g songs on there. (not together but that would be somethin alright.)

*speakin of which has free ever mentioned 40’s influence? its easy to view it as that just being how youd expect a pimp would rap (it is too. exactly how.) but theres a noticable difference in his style from pure pimp fene to street gospel that 40’s development/popularity in between could be heavily responsible for. im sure theres more to it it and other influences but really its more than just the unorthodox flow, the dry humour is really earl-ish too. im usually dissapointed by their pair-ups tho for some reason.

** for the record of course i love one for all, my ears function.

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