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article on benzino and dave mays and the circumstances leading up to the original mindsquads departure and the subsequent fallout. sadly their claim of “reinventing themselves once again” never really came to fruition, im sure some people thought things might turn around a bit after they kicked em out but the damage was done, them two clowns set a precedent that the magazine never recovered from.  maybe combat jack can help turn reinvigorate the place a bit, at least online ala xxls great online run. its an interesting look into how nepotism, easily impressionable people with weak convictions and a lack of  professionalism can ruin a great thing.

(via the sauce apr 06)

vincent mentions the original situation down on his site and  regi dennis breaks it down at length in an extensive interview on hiphopdx too.

workin dl link for the original mag where it all began found here

and of course the  shit-apple never rolls too far from the tree, it just keeps rotting.

with all that said, benzino’s diss song to eminem was hilarious. and rso and maid men had some tunes.

and thanks to hl and thun for the links.

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