craps raps

                                                                                                                                                                                                               ha at look whos burnin at 0:39. also the bottle with “joi” on it when he says bring you joy.

early ninties graphic design swag up the yingyang. iv no idea what he was goin for here, its like he just handed a few notes hastily scribbled on napkins to whover directed  i shouldnt have done it and the art directors from doug, saved by the bell and 3  men and a baby and signed off on whatever the fuck this is.
but that kinda haphazard ridiculousness with next to no self-awareness is part of dices appeal to me. he just drops these little nuggets of hilariously confused ignorance all over the place usin this really entertaingly sloppy kool g rap-lite meets eazy-e meets jt money flow that just works somehoe despite not being all that inventive. or maybe its just me. whatever his debuts a stone classic in my eyes tho – how can you hate some with album titles like “the 40 made me do it” and “neighbourhoodshittalka”?

if your still not convinced il refer you to the greatness of  “ya woman iz fuckin” and “gettin high“.

obviously it couldnt last forever tho. i apoligise in advance for the title of this post it just gave me an excuse to link this and the classic geraldo c delores tucker rap summit where we very possibly see the original genesis of cams whole U MAD steez from a decade later in lukes brilliantly beligerant attitude.

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