who you gonna call*

completely forgot bout this til i started lookin through his discogs page earlier, such a great beat.

sean t is far too slept on altogether, seemingly like a lot of talented bay area producers** and has been consistently turning out slaps of this high a standard since the early ninties.*** hes capable of a diverse range of styles but i think hes at his best with them laid back, spacey synth/guitar/mellow sample beats and seems to be the go- to man for an introspective album cut for a number of bay rappers, san quinn and mess in particular. whov given him work since their first joint full-length in 98 and most predominantly on their second where he handles the lions share of the production. heres a few random examples of that sound in use:

messy marv and san quinn-  the homie

sean t- get gone 2k ft justus

messy marv – dopegame cocaine****

if you need to be told what this song is your slippin:

messy marv – oh

the mossie- make that skrill ft suga-t

*um, he did that fabby song too. no comment.

** khayree and studio tone are often left out of the greatest producer conversation too for some reason but thats just the bay i suppose. saying that, seans great but not on the same level as those two obviously.

*** for all the praise im giving him, according to an old scratch article i read last week, he put the game on which is near unforgivable.

**** also maybe cos iv never listened to them so close together but i just realised the homie is pretty much dopegame cocaine pt 2, with the sitars, synths and whatever that chinese instruments called all being used fairly similarly.

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