thun managed to near perfectly describe what i always considered pretty undescribable. sometimes brevity should be abandoned for clarity.

pos has said in interviews how he doesnt get the fuss over that album and how that dense, ambigious style was played out in their eyes, pretty much sayin “wev done that already”, as if to say that those complimicated, abstract, high concept, hyper-verbose strains of rapping were only worthwhile and interesting from t-la rock, ramellzee etc to what he percieves as their peak in the mid nineties. like the important thing was people getting the message, not realising that it was actually all those little personal  nuances, humour and experimentation that kept the music interesting and exiting and tempered whatever moral they were trying to impart’s sharp edges:

i actually like their later work but i realy dont think theyr suited to that kind of po-faced directness, which way to often leads to them being rapping snooze buttons.  which is such a shame cos im sure they still have the ability to do better if they went back to focousing on their actual strengths that theyd been progressivly fine tuning up until their peak in 1993, instead of this just consistently solid, perfectly acceptable but really just kind of boring rut theyv been stuck in since their post-prince paul mid-nineties switch up.

for a group thats supposed main influence is ultramagnetic they seem to have forgotten their most important lesson, to keep moving forward regardless of the consequences cos stepping sideways and resting comfortably may be safe but who the fuck prefers being safe the whole time? or more specifically, who properly enjoys listening to the rapping it produces?

i mean, pos shouts out fucking e-40 in the davey d interview! what is he missing?

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  1. Thun says:

    I agree with you on most points, though I have to say that every so often middle-aged De La is very much capable of dropping very simplistic gems, for example the way that Pos says “I ain’t no thug, son, my name is Plug One, I drop a certified gem for him or her” is really really on point in this indescribable way, makes me smile every time. But yeah, they need to dance with the one who brought them again.

    WOW@ the Beavis and Butthead clip, don’t think I caught that back in the day. Amazing that two cartoon idiots can express more insight about rap music in two minutes than certain rap bloggers can write in 100,000 words.

  2. bin-alredidoneit says:

    ah yeah theyr definitely still capable of greatness, even their nike sponsored album-mix thing was nice enough from what i remember. but no matter how much i like it, simpler stuff like “experiments where needles and skin connect, no wonder where we live is called the projects” nearly always has me comparing it to their earlier work cos its such a departure. i mean “oooh” and “baby phat” are great underrated singles that i think probly would have been appreciated way more if they came from some other group that had less baggage. maybe its their delivery too, it might be a bit too subdued for that kind of shit

    beavis and butthead were the premier music critics of our time. and in all seriousness you probably can actually have a lot more of an insightful and honest perspective if no one,including yourself takes you seriously. and mike judge had great taste in rap, i love the way he has scarface/geto boys references in all his shit. the copier scene to “still” in office space>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    ha man i even 100,000 word it in my comments

  3. T-M says:

    Done with the d.l blog.

    Some of the newer tracks on that Impossible Mission mixtape were pretty good, namely the ones where they stopped being so damn grumpy and got playful over old Diamond D and Tribe instrumentals.

  4. bin-alredidoneit says:

    not “on the dl” though

    yeah too rights, i thought it might be a fresh start for them when i first heard it, particularly with the “yo thats that shit” freestyle. consequences remake of buggin out was way less succesful and a really nas signing to jay-esque self pwn in how it made me feel sorry for him, like “remember me? i rapped a bunch on that one dissapointing tribe album a decade ago. im q-tips cousin too.”. he keeps trying to get on though, bless him.

    iv yet to hear the grind date, is it worth checking out at all?

  5. bin-alredidoneit says:

    im loving how all the commenters so far are bloggers. all i need now is ones by bol, noz, rnt, dallas penn and drew huge and itl be like iv graduated internet college.

    oh and tray, pretend ghostface/rawse, maynholup and doc zuez too obviously.

  6. bin-alredidoneit says:

    and dozer, but thats just setting expectations too high.

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  8. Boothe says:

    I’ve mentioned this many times to anyone who would listen.

    I’m sure nostalgia plays a large roll in this, but I largely, probably entirely prefer their older catalog because there seemed to be more of an emphasis on personality and composition.

    Today’s De La…it feels to me that there’s more of an emphasis on “spitting”. We lose a little more of them with each release.


  9. bin-alredidoneit says:

    i never realised how many people felt the same, all i ever hear i is that stakes highs their best noise

    personality and composition beat just spittin all day. they had so much charisma and sounded like they were havin fun just trying any idea they could (probably why they have so many great b-sides) but yet kept a really deliberate and meticulous approach to making songs. the sample layered beats , the way theyd structure the albums/songs- shit like bitties in the bk lounge is just a really unique way to put a song together, i could go on all day

    but yeah later its just like lets get a nice beat and do some typical rapper shit over it

  10. bin-alredidoneit says:

    ha man youd swear i was biting all your old blog posts, eye knows both a top 5 de la song for me and pegs my favourite steely dan one

  11. Boothe says:

    ha…it’s good to know people out there who share similar views on certain things.

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