thinking of big*

pudgee the phat bastard- think big ft. lord tariq and biggie

“this could be something big…….”

this is in my top 3 biggie verses, its a perfect balance between his early rawness  and the relatively more sophisticated style hed employ later on in his career. the beats so good too, wish biggie had it to himself cos pudgees whole styles desperate and was a good indicator of how shitty punchline rapping would eventually become, as demonstrated by my new life coach and personal mentor here.

any time i try and describe biggies rapping i just always end up with “perfect”. he cut the flab (ha!)  to where he was saying exactly enough, painted an amazing picture, and was a technical master with a really entertainingly dry sense of humour. oh and the voice! his thundering, bombastic tone shoutting gimmie the loot at you in this relentlessly hard, percussive cadence is something not since bettered, its like he took the better parts of chubb rocks fatman flow** and just focoused them to a knifepoint. its a shame he went so full-on with the smoothed out delivery on life after death cos if he kept his flow as hardrock, edited it down a bit and if some of the production was less over-produced itd be a top 10 rap album of all time in my opinion. its defintly my favourite album of his, he stepped up his writing and laced it with these really dark noir stories and really inviting subtle details that made it far more timeless than his earlier beat you over the head directness.

dont get me wrong, i love the first album too – hearing “beatin n___as up like ike beat tina, whats loooove got to do with it” for the first time on my discman directly after purchasing it whilst walking home smokin a doob is a treasured memory of my youth and made me feel like i was the fucking business. (im aware how cring-worthy cliched crappy hood film scene that whole thing sounds, but to be honest that was kind of the appeal. i was young.)

*yeh titles cheesy as fuck, but it also cant help but evoke memories of il be missing you which then makes it appear pretty good in comparison.

** i dont think its a coincidence theyr both from the same place too

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