this fella is money

skip to 4:50 (or 6:15ish if you hate salute) for the magic (via video thunder)

i cannot understand why people dismiss his beats as cacophonous discordant noise. i mean, its certainly noise but lord baby jesus what fuckin noise it is. im not gonna go all hyperbolic saying its the new bomb squad or anything, ha hes obviously not groundreaking like that and isnt all that  consistent but if you cant see greatness in this joe 90, curious incident of the dog in the night time motherfucker’s mpc bashing i feel sorry for your mother.

yeah maybe others have done similar real time beat making stuff,* but this dude has actually made it into proper entertainment. plus some of the beats are the nuts.

notice how busta no longer emphasises the A- on arab.


* well if this:is to be believed that is. i refuse to go to see beats being made live, iv seen enough behind the scenes production shit on youtube to know that hearin someone tweak the same part of a sample slightly over and over for 3 minutes wouldnt translate to a super fun on-stage experience. ooh you have graffiti artists & film clips playing behind you, that sounds just splendid.

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