the hardest man in town

im gonna break the third wall (is that even a thing in this kind of writing? im not too scholarly.) here for a moment, cos(**update** ha its the fourth wall, im such a dumbass. im also fairly sure now that its not a thing.)  i dont think i can write comfomfortably about this without some of my misgivings about this kind of thing affecting the post negatively.

first off, i felt weird enough after doing the biggie post, even with the surety that i wasnt just jumping on the exploitation bandwagon. all that talk just had me thinking of him and his “street fighter 2, im invitin you, bring your bitin crew….” moment of glory in particular. i hadnt seen anyone post on that song plus i felt like too many people had been dissmissive of life after death over the years. long story short, it wasnt contrived.


but man, ^^this dude – im torn. on the one hand i just want to write about the impact his talent had on me, or at the very least shine some light on some of the if not slept on, then at least not jocked sufficiently, gems in his catalogue. but on the other hand im that much of a fan im worried il descend into hyperbolic stanyboyism quick or just plain have nothing of worth to add to the 1000s of unashamedly exploitative tribute posts/articles with links to regulate and aint no fun/songs (please no. unless it only involves snoop, warren g and maybe one of his wcs** like soopafly.) that im sure are starting to run rampant right now so ive decided to go for somewhat of a balance. im gonna keep it to a brief paragraph or two (i know…) and  link some of his work that either went relatively underappreciated or is just a personal favourite of mine. not just because i feel uneasy about said possible exploitation/stannery, but because i feel like that task should be left to a better writer than me (hopefully one who loved his work just as much.) who can do a summation of his legacy justice.

while, and this is something whic may come as a surprise to a lot of people, he did make some great solo music, (music and me is undeservedly slept on) the conventional wisdom was correct in that he primarily fell into that twista/busta mould where he shined brightest when collaborating with others – dom p put it best, the greatest hook man in history.

*************************UPDATE********************************************* completely forgot this had a video, plus its way better than “these days” (dunno why i included that at all)

me and my friend once joked about what with nates medical troubles, wed never get to collaborate with him on a song and how he, above any other artist thats gone is the one that we wished we could have apprecited more while they were active/in their prime but man, do those sentiments ever ring true now. whether it was turning shit to shinola on the most tawdry example of lowest common denominator top 40 bait (the moment he says “iv been to the muthafuckin mountain top” that songs taken to another dimension.) or perfectly complementing someone to take a pretty great song to undeniable classic status, nate had that midas touch that most legendary artists in any genre wish they had. hes the only person where i break with my rap & bullshit prejudices and not just give the benifit of the doubt but am always enthusiastic to hear my favourite rapper has collaborated with. he will be missed.

nate dogg ft.warren g and snoop dogg – friends

freeway ft nate dogg – all my life



nate dogg ft.kurupt – first we pray

* despite everyone proclaimimg it one of the corniest bars ever uttered “love you like a fat kid loves cake” is actually a top 3 greatest moment in ridiculously earnest, kinda touching sap-rap, thats also funny enough to not fall into “i need love”-type mawkishness. (LL is 50s favourite rapper apparantly aswell.) one of 50s best lines along with being from one of the greatest radio jawns for da laydeez too.

** but not as in WC, he was never a wc. he paid his dues long before cube came calling.

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