what the feck are they yellin

march 08 issue.


in light of nathaniel’s untimely new role as inspiration for booze spilling i figured it would be appropriate to post this gangsta-themed issue, mostly centred around the label that introduced him to the world and its impact, especially given he did so much of his best work when suge still signed his cheques.

this issue really highlights for me how much of a shame hhc shutting down was. while far from being their greatest issue, in some ways they were actually getting better and playing around with the traditional rap mag format more and more to where they had started to alter much of their review section to include sections on sampled and slept-on albums along with a particularly nice one where they sort a recent patchy album’s wheat from it’s chaff to lower the listener’s risk of skip-button carpal tunnel syndrome. i suppose that kind of experimentation and incessant focus on older/underground rap is pretty risky in commercial terms though, so its not surprising they were a victim of the great 08/09 rap rag genocide. iv only upped the gangsta themed part for now but il post the rest at a later point because theres some other good stuff in there too.


  • the god j-zone lists his personal top 10 slept-on gangsta classics. this is the article that introduced me to the ruggdnraw stylings of east coast gangsta rap pioneers mobstyle, something il eternally be grateful for. band leader azie is also largely responsible for seminal hood flick paid in full being made, writing the original script as well as being the basis for one of the three main charachters. (the only one that doesnt get name-dropped in rap songs. well, rap songs that arent this one.)
  • interview with early rap-a-lot producer dj vicious lee, one of the men behind the boards for classics like this wee slice of madness from the only rapper in houston to claim the psych ward before the 4th or 5th:
  • interview with ice-t on gangsta rap’s inception along with his own legacy and influence.
  • some great vintage photography by janette beckman.
  • its a given the necro interview is packin lulz by the cracka rap boatload.
  • rbx’s at times hilarious, past-it weed carrier interview almost tops HOW I FOLD MY BANDANA in delusionary nostalgia terms. the way hes so proud of that one line‘s significance, not even a song or verse, puts some of them rap micro-celebrities’  that robbie interviews unwillingness to move on fully from their 15 minutes of fame in perspective. REMEMBER ME?

here ye are:

and in decent quality with a small file size. finally. 30mb!

and yeah so iv obviously started to forget why i started this blog in the first place – to tie those whov slept’s shoes and put em up on hhc’s unparalelled rap writing game. iv been getting waylayed lately doing Typical Blogger Shite like lazy generic youtube posts, linking to other peoples hard work etc but im back on my grizzy and hopefully i will do as the song says and stick 2 it.

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2 Responses to what the feck are they yellin

  1. Daniel. says:

    Is this the Necro interview where in the middle of a question, he’s like “I’m putting on my gloves to punch this guy so I don’t get fuckin’ hepatitis”? Classic.

    HHC is much missed. Going to the newsagent and not seeing it there still sucks.

    • done says:

      One and the same. “we’re fucking beautiful 19,18,17 year old girls……wait…..only in Canada, 17 is legal there” aswell. Necro is pure comedy man.

      I was only really startin to appreciate it properly before it upped and quit, theres always Ebay for the ones I missed I suppose, it is shit though.

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