just a gangtsa

Nice new Jacka interview up on Yayo‘s new site, No Jumper. Even on a bad day Jackas a reliably great interview subject, hes in that Ice T* or Boots Riley league where he always has something interesting or insightful to say, especially if the interviwer leads him away from the usual press junket new album/tour questions as BRYTBURKEN does here in his refreshingly unorthodox fashion. **update** Ive been informed in the comments it was actually both Talladega and Brytburken who did the interview.*

Touching on his religion,** the Black Panthers’ presence and influence in the bay and his own perspective on independant versus major label backing, its a really great read.

Oh and why didnt anyone tell me Murder Dog has a digital version now? Its like four times as long as the HHC ones and like fucking ten times better, check it out.


* If someone knows where I can find the full unedited version of this interview where he shows his gun collection and plays the interviewer Body Count for the first time id appreciate it.
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4 Responses to just a gangtsa

  1. talladega says:

    Nice you linked our interview. We are happy you liked it..
    I have to give the cred to mr Brytburk himself for the writing thou..

    Big up.

    Talladega of Brytburken

  2. donelanguage says:

    No bother man, keep up the good work.

    I fixed the credit, ha swedish isnt my strong point so that may have been where the confusion lay.

  3. talladega says:

    Hey man. Sorry to bother you again.. The blog is called brytburken.
    Brytburken and me talladega writes for the blog. Im sorry if my last comment was confuzing. We both did the interview but brytburken did all the writing after..

    Ok thanx again man. I will keep my eyes on your blog.
    Big up from Scandinavia..

  4. donelanguage says:

    ha no problem il update my update

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