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One Thurd – Whoosh (2011, Macon Sound) Via

My shit. The part at 3:22 where yer man knocks that dude’s popcorn out his hands is class.

That said, their image reminds me a bit too much of the dreaded City High,* I have no idea how your meant to get the song’s supposed message of “whooshing” bullying etc away without the aid of the video, naming yourself One T(h)urd and having a single thats main refrain involves a word that sounds a lot like flushing the jacks was probably ill-advised and however well-intentioned, flashing the words “teen pregnancy” by as they say “whoosh” sorta invokes images of babies being flushed/backstreet abortions.

* lol at the vid being tagged as the “clean version”, im sure the street edit was rife with references to buckin devils and kickin pregnent bitches in the belly like ‘yele.
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4 Responses to canis canem edit

  1. Thun says:

    Song is banging, very catchy and fun but stays way short of corny.

    The video, on the other hand, I don’t need to see ever again. That’s enough live action Fraggle Rock for the rest of the year. But I ain’t mad at these crazy young niggas, I applaud them.

    And don’t disrespect Jerseylike that – City High had at least one very good pop song in the Trackmasters remix of “Caramel” and Claudette Ortiz was foxxy than a mahfucka in her prime.

  2. Thun says:

    As far as “whooshing” the ills of the world away, there is always gonna be that 5% or so of high school kids who derive extra meaning out of their favorite jams and then popularize the new interpretation. Songs like this get converted to drill team chants, talent show renditions, and all kinds of semi-civic public performances, and somewhere along the line it’ll get repurposed for a positive local cause. Maybe the group or the director is in touch with those processes. Or maybe they were just pretentious but the end result is the same. It’s all good.

  3. donelanguage says:

    Ah the videos alright, the cheesy enthusiasm works I think, that bit where yer man busts into the ladies toilet made me chuckle. Plus the girl rapper has some yams.

    Yeah your right bout Caramel, wish that song coulda caught on on radio over here, the Al sample and zylophone(?) are used really well. Trackmasters get too bad a rap. Theyr responsible for this incomprehensibly slept-on banger of a posse cut:

    – that line up! beats The Points even.

    I could completely see this song/video bein calculated cheer anthem etc-bait but yeah its irrelevant because it succeeds in great fashion. My only real exposure to them drill-team/marching bands outside of shit lookin trailers for Nick Cannon vehicles i see occasionaly was Chappelle’s Block Party, and that was magnificent, if thats what its usually like im definitly in favour of it, especially if this ever gets used:

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