uuuuunique neww yorrrk

Dominique Young Unique – War Talk (2011) Via Beer and Rap.

GIRLS TO DO THE DISHES GIRLS TO CLEAN MY ROOM but not many who should rap. This lady’s perfectly manicured hands should never suffer from fairy liquid-wrinkle. I cant vouch for her mixtapes but here they are. Three Six have been such a good influence on me lately- Boo and La Chat I officialy apoligize for sleeping in the past, yous know what youre at. Still dont wanny play with that yo-yo though.

Related: Roxanne, Roxanne demonstrates an anatomy of an ass whippin, gurlstep from Kreayshawn‘s sahob V-Nasty and this right hurrr: “like oP-raah” – Fame should only rap words that end in “ah”.

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4 Responses to uuuuunique neww yorrrk

  1. Thun says:

    I like that first video. Has a Roxanne Shante meets L’Trimm meets JJ Fad sound without really sounding much like any of them. Probably because I’m not up on the Southern influences are are likely more direct.

  2. Thun says:

    Ok, so obviously Trina is an influence here. God, I love Trina.

  3. donelanguage says:

    Yeah I wouldnt even know where to start with influences, I’m mostly new to women rapping. Ha I googled L’trimm, that Salt & Pepa/Mix-a-Lot answer song is alright but I dunno man. Never heard Trina outside of Naan N_gga, should probably remedy that.

    La Chat though:

  4. donelanguage says:

    I just realised iv posted 3 different female rappers on here in a like 2 weeks when not so long ago I wouldnt even have been able to name 3 I liked.

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