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(Rime magazine, 2003)

“Stone-gorilla-face-technique” and “No blink. No movement. No expression” sum up Banks’ rapping pretty effectively too. Ive heard people say in the past hes the lyrical one, well if thats what people really consider lyrics then I completely understand why Waka would be proud he aint got none.

Speaking of which, Plies put a tape out recently that is really good. Yup – Plies.

My preconceptions about certain styles of rap are eroding at a pretty fast rate these days, to the point pretty much the only people left I can laugh at are the Lil’ Carmine-style smart-dumb cats and boring as fuck ostrich-heads that are fluent in brail. Mocking people for their accents and on the surface-“ignorant” content & rhyme styles is usually just condescending anyway.


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2 Responses to uuuniteeeeeeeeeeee

  1. brian beck says:

    Greenpeace is Banks’ European tour manager and my best mate is the biggest Banks fan ever, so you really will be Done if they read this, bruv.

    Plies’ first album is pretty good and All Black sounds absolutely phenomenal in a car, if alarmingly average through my laptop’s speakers.

  2. done says:

    Your probably the only european that reads this blog plus I bought an actual phyical copy of Sway’s last album so I should be grand i think.

    Yeah, I was gonna try his first album out first. Davey Boy Smith put me up on this here too on twitter yesterday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jX671Ll_K8

    Whatver shit I said about not mocking people above, Plies’ album covers are LOLZ

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