March 2006 issue.

SMALL FILESIZE+(fairly)HQ. I’ve it sussed.

Once again, its a tigole bist. Id read issues prior to this and iv since aqquired earlier ones but this here is my introduction proper to HHC.

It was round the time id started college, (my first of many attempts) I was 17 and I badly needed to be put up on new rap music. Id exhausted all the shout outs in the 36 chambers liner notes plus broadsheet recomendations & a misguided affinity for backpack filler were leading me down an increasingly mediocre path that likely ended in me becoming that grumpy goateed cunt who scares off any chance of goin home with shtink-finger by blasting DITC at house parties.

I was in the HMV in my hometown one day and saw this on the rack, (which I never did again probably meaning it was some dissapearing-shop-from-Discworld destiny type shit.) saw the 100 best albums from 95-05 on the cover, figured id hit paydirt and I was right. Man I owe this issue so much, this was pre-blogs (which HHC also put me up on) for me so UGK, Goodie Mob, Cash Money, David Banner, Skinnyman, MOP, TI, Cam, Lil Jon, Devin the Mutherfucking Dude, Camp Lo, E-mutherfuckinfinorty, Royal Flush, Cru…. I wouldnt have heard of/bothered with 90% of em, at least not for years without this issue, I plundered this list for a long time. So forgive my pause-worthy sappiness but this one measly edition of a raprag was the single most important influence on my taste and the way I look at music, something il always be grateful for.

Anyways much like the best rappers list, this is without a doubt the most well balanced and perfectly compiled list of its kind that exists in my opinion (i still havent read the Ego Trip book so forgive my ignorance). Obviously theres missteps of various kinds and its age shows in some of the choices but its a LIST, thats what they do. Regardless who you are, this shit is probably like 70-80% acceptable (especially if you read it in ’06) – name one other list of its kind that accomplishes that and doesnt just lazily lean on the obvious choices and congartulations, you win the pointless whinging troll award cos its codswollop. And Iv never seen anyone sum up the album that bagged the #1 spot as well as whoever did it here. (reads like McNally wrote it.)

Wish I took better care of this issue, its in bits and scuffed to fuck.

High/low lights.

  • Interview with Blade & Baby J. Baby J’s got beats but Blade…… In fairness, I think its mostly the voice. I liked them Mark B beats too. *
  • The incomparable DJ Eleven** has a very sweet anecdote about sneakin a gawk at ScarJOs spuds.
  • Normski with the gold again, LA, K & D this time.
  • Rhymefest’s Def Chef is fuckin shite, ooooh eggs. GOOD riddance.
  • Dilated Peoples interview.
  • Interview with Killer Mike, Bubba Sparxxx and Big Boi, centred around his ill-fortuned Purple Ribbon imprint. Rule #4081 dont sign with other rappers. Once again E-40s the exeption (in case your wondering – nepotism, aging rapper syndrome, wearing glasses on the tip of your nose without them falling off- seriously I had to wear em like that recently and its near impossible, your peripherals are fucked too.) Quiks the other exeption except add producer and replace glasses with girl hair.
  • Interview with transatlantic Dipset affiliates S.A.S.(dont ask)
  • Little Brother make the list twice.

* Mongrel once described him as “english rap-turd, Blade”. The photos in this article though…
** Really good DJ. Learn about it. His Best of MOP, Devin, The Bay,  and Summer madness mixes are untouchable.

Unrelated New rap Segueway

Rich Boy’s new tape is nice, bar a few snoozers – hes picked up a lot more technical ability but occasionally at the expense of some charisma ala late period-Jeezy. He still knows how to contort that thick ‘bama drawl into this really raw emotive flow, with this endearing way of exentuating certain syallables, alternating between aggresive growl and King-era TI slur, often a few times within the one bar. He has a great line in infectious, anthemic choruses too.

I dont feel like this about many rappers but I really wish he’d focous more on the introspective, aggresive & motivational material like Lets Get This Paper/Haters wish/All I Know, thats where he really shines, with a few exeptions he doesnt usually make compelling music about partying or ridin’ in my experience. Supavillians as great as he ever was. 

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7 Responses to bigg

  1. hl says:

    That cover is funny.

    • done says:

      Ha I know yeah, Marshall’s expression in particular. Biggie’s and Lauren’s supposed likenesses are a bit nuts too.

      No clue at all who dude at the top right or the yellow-skinned gentleman near the bottom are supposed to be.

  2. brian beck says:

    Top right is Dre.

    Loved that that list had Nas fans up in arms.

    • done says:

      Really? looks more like Wiz. Yeah- “what bout God’s Son and Stillmatic?” No It Was Written was a pretty big mistake though in fairness. Id also put People’s Champ in there instead of Get Ya Mind Correct, Cham’s rapping is bad enough but did he really have to go and write Paul’s verses too?

      As much as I like the list, its kinda baffling how they could make basic slip-ups like putting Stunts Blunts & Hip-Hop in there considering how meticulous it is otherwise.

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  4. Ted says:

    i had the same thing with hhc’s ‘phat 40’ of all time list they did in 1993, pre wu tang, which got me onto all the classic 88 era albums, can’t find any record of it online.
    ‘stunts blunts and hip hop’ isn’t in there though, and shouldn’t be, it was released in ’92, it was in the ‘phat 40’. no best of anything list should feature jurassic 5 though.

    • done says:

      What the fuck? I was certain Stunts Blunts & Hip Hop was on there, to the point I remember being surprised theyd make that basic a mistake cos like you said it was from 92 but yeah its not there. Weird.

      Yeah, agreed on Jurassic 5, Little Brother too. Ive found it pretty hard to find any pre-97 HHCs online

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