the sixth estate

While the shtick is admirable and neccesary too (in my opinion, at least), its great to see him play it straight for once to adress the rampant hysteria thats been following them around like a bad smell/boosting their profile, especially since he did it this eloquently and without compromising himself.

how theyr not just products of the internets generation but active participants in it who change their playing field’s pre-defined structures to suit their purposes *, with a legion of believers following their lead. Whether their philosophical ideals cause a whole new generation of eclectic BASED kl/;/////////////hippies/aggy skater punks remains to be seen but its easy to imagine these more tangible elements of their approach being applied and developed more and more by other artists as their influence spreads further.

You could even look at their attibeing reflective of some of the more dominant aspects of internet culture. Or to sum it up in one of them snappily inaccurate analogys of the type that get dissected by Thun: OF is ANON, B is MrChiCity.

And for the record im team based all day long – either with us or against us, word to Father Damo.


This Camp Lo/Pete Rock semi-blend tape is great. You should check out the film too if your as much of a geek as me and everyone else who reads about rap on the computer.

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5 Responses to the sixth estate

  1. Thun says:

    Word, I’m going to take a break from dissecting the flaccid analysis of OF’s detractors, now that Tyler has spoken on his own behalf and said everything that needs to be said for now. If he’s bothering people to the point that they abandon all sense of logic and professionalism, maybe that’s what the world needs.

    I guess I’m te only one who thinks that Camp-Lo mixtape is an hour of my life I’d rather have back. Its not bad per se, but I can’t get excited about what is essentially an EPK for a group whose whole M.O. is style over substance atlight speed. Lo’s vocals over Pete Rock’s classic instrumentals, with the exception of the Jump Around remix, do nothing for me….

    • done says:

      Yeah itd be nice to see your efforts focoused elsewhere but youv gotta work with whats out there I suppose, and people will really not stop talkin out their arse about OF. It will really start to look like OFWGKTA wednsday if you do another one next time though.

      While I cant imagine it having endless replay value, something raps over well-known classics often suffer from, I did really enjoy it. Not sure I can defend it all that well though as my nine-word reccomendation above would indicate, suppose it is just shamless comfort food .

      And yeah, style over substance but they make saying nothing sound really amazing – sometimes the language alone can be the appeal, not what its signifying. Anyways its not like its complete nonsense, a lot of that obscure slang and abstract non-sequiter shit really does start to make sense after listening for a while, in its own kind of ambigious way. Its a very indirect approach but one that creates a lot of really great imagery and quotables along the way. Plus their flow is addictive as fuck- flashlights, bellafonte figure.. and they have a real gift for meticulous detail and the specifics of language too, the way they use assonance and stuff. You can definitly hear the De La and (though im no big expert on them)Digable Planets influence but its not like theyr just them without the substance, theres more to them than that.

      Is it just them rapping over Pete or them in general?

      • Thun says:

        Their style just doesn’t mesh well with the older Pete Rock beats in my ears. Their style is often very insistent and in your face, not necessarily loud but its very constant and immersive, you dig? Where those old Pete Rock beats are better suited for a vocalist like CL Smooth, who blends his voice really well into them (or maybe vice versa, Pete Rock has said in interviews that he has vocalists rap over unadorned drum tracks and then builds the rest of the track around them).

        This might be more a reflection of the construction of the tape then anything related to Camp-Lo themselves, though.

        In summation: the tape doesn’t do much for me, more anxious to hear the album.

        But maybe I just need Spring to kick in for real already. It was cloudy and rainy as fuck here today.

      • done says:

        Yeah actually I felt like the vocals were a bit too dominant but I think that might just be something as simple as how it was mixed. And yeah they are very hard to ignore whereas I distinctly remember enjoying loads of CL verses early on without remembering a single word afterwards. You have a point bout Pete’s beats too, I always felt like Freddie Foxxx felt a little bit out of place on a lot of them but hes obviously an extreme example ha.

        The irony I shouldve picked up on earlier, which’s effect is negated now is that CLs not exactly substance over style himself.

        Yeah its defintly that summer music, its supposed to be a scorcher tommorow so this here will be on repeat ll day,along with that DJ Eleven 80s funk mix that last post had me revisit.

  2. Thun says:

    Ha, no CL is all about style, about 85% of the time anyhow. Pete Rock’s beats are layered and involved enough, no need for braniac rapping.

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