mob trial one

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One thing Iv noticed about this publication is that their reputation really is spot on cos holy fucking hell do their staff need to do an internship at another magazine for a while. ANY magazine, fuckin Horse & Hound would do. This shit looks like it was formatted by the transition year kid in on work experience.

The reason that doesnt bother me too much though is cos of the other stereotype: their raw content is amazing. Seriously, I was blown away. The issue I got these from is literally 20 lengthy interviews with underground rappers with next to no ads. And Devandra Banhart. I thought id been scammed when I saw how slim they were but thats cos its that pure Marv Bernard and id just gotten used to ingestin Johnson & Johnsons and plaster de Paris. I first heard bout them from HHC, who described them as something like “the greatest way to find out about laods of rap music youd never heard of before” and jesus were they ever on the money.

Look elsewhere on this site for a link to their digital edition, which is also great. Fuck I already thought we were spoiled with the old website’s archives.
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