this is the carter

Reading Yayo’s review of the OG martian’s latest single with Ricky got me reminiscing on what I consider the biggest wasted opportunity in recent memory, (not including 50 not delivering on his promise of expanding on his Hate It Or love It verse to make Curtis an introspective thug-deep Diary creative leap or Rawse’s prison concept album – ©Drew Huge) what could have been the greatest third in a rap trilogy since Jane.

Dwayne had near everyone (including me) caught up in hype not only believing that he was the return of the event rapper (since everyone else was either past it or just got rich and stopped trying.) and could defy the laws of creativity and keep churning out verses without burning himself out but that he could could actually make a great major label rap album, despite that being a ridiculous thing to expect of anyone in this modern climate. Unfortunately the inevitable happened and heaps of songs meant for the album leaked forcing him to go back to the drawing board but far more importantly he lost that spark he had before he completed what eventually hit the shelves. Not to mention it was the diluted, confused mess we should have known it would be anyways. Plus like Fatlace said, it didnt really sound very southern, let alone fit in with the CMR catalogue (at least up to that point, little did we know what would become of them.) That shit took the last bit of my rap innocence and I’ve been unable to get enthusiastic like that for any rapper since. I’m a typical internet cynic now, thanks weezy.

Well this is what I like to think he would have produced if he had been a smidge more economical with his talent, the stars aligned and the internets and cocaine never existed. I made it almost immediately following the albums release to take the sting out of having my stan hopes crushed and it fared me well. I get that this is like 3 years to late and theres probably a million different versions of this same idea out there but I like to think mines a class above most and theres bound to be someone out there who’d just like all the best songs in one place at least. I made it kind of overlong too for authenticity.

Standard comp disclaimer: this isnt comprehensive. While thats usually used as an excuse for just not being able find songs that aint it, I really just dont get the appeal of a bunch of the songs everyone else seems to love. So that means no My Heir song despite that “summer, spring etc” metaphor, because its far too cheese, once again his shit obsession rears it ugly head and yeah that late-era Jay verse is a bit better than youd expect but that still leaves a lot of room for despicable carry-on like his “Garv-ey, got me a molotail cocktail” Obamanation. Fucks sake Hov. Im ruling out songs that arent at least decent quality so no Mr Postman or Everyday Gangsta. 3peat is probably the closest miss but that just felt like an I’m Me rehash to me, shame because that beat is the nuts. And the most glaring ommision is of course the half-finished one. Sorry, despite liking it in theory and him ripping it in glorious fashion I found that beat irritating as fuck fairly quick.

Prostitute Flange and Pussy Monster can just piss off.

I included some stuff that probably wouldnt have made the album like the songs with the near-impossible to clear Beatles and Prince samples, the triggerman throwback, the song whose hook makes the “Beat it like a copsong sound like something C. Delores Tucker would have played at her neice’s christening (well it already kind of is, but you get my point) and a song from his and Juelz’s mooted collab album because that song with Fab was just aiight despite the line up and Alan behind the boards. Click on Mr Cambell.

****UPDATE: (I forgot I couldnt get the sequencing on two songs to work so they end up on the end, if you know how to fix that go for it. Plus Trouble and the aforementioned offensive song should probably be switched round, I should probably listening to these things before I post em.)****

I was kinda just curious if anyone would care to be honest.

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10 Responses to this is the carter

  1. hl says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’m not into Lil Wayne but I’ll give this a try.

  2. hl says:

    The download says it’s temporarily unavailable.

  3. Thun says:

    Word. I’ll definitely give this a spin too. I’m so glad I’m way too old to have ever fallen into the trap of earnestly giving a shit about Lil Wayne.

  4. done says:

    Thanks, my sequencings not great but theres gems on there.

    Give it another go, if you refresh it it works eventually.

  5. done says:

    Wayne hardened me irreperably.

  6. hl says:

    Okay, the link is working now. Thanks.

  7. Heh, I wrote that shit on FL.

    I miss Lace Da Booze’s comments.

    • done says:

      Shoulda known, never known Drew or Dan to be Cash Money enthusiasts. You do that one for The Leak too?

      Fatlace comment section is goat, used to lurk for years just for the lolz.

      Im really regretting not playing this thing again before upping now, the sequencings shite. I even put the two Currensy features next to each other.(Cash Money-era Currensy kinda always bored me.)

  8. My favourite Weezy + Curren$y shit is Triggaman

    Most of the underrated/underhateds were me, but Drew did the Mind Of Mannie Fresh > Mos Def’s first album one and the The Leak post.

  9. done says:

    Yeah me too, hes a different rapper alltogether on that song though, it ends up on the very end of that comp for some reason . Always thought he wasted Where Da Cash At.

    Pssh, shows what I know. That Mannie albums another great one they put me on.


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