aggregatin vol three

The “blatantly looking up stuff from Rap-A-Lot’s Discogs page” edition. Havent quite decided how pointless these posts are yet but im too busy to write anything decent so heres a bunch of rap videos.

3xKrazy – Sunshine In The O (1995, Str8 Game)

Probably doesnt count cos the samples replayed but this really shouldve been in that TROY poll from a while back regardless. It Was A Good Day Pt.17.

Seagram – Eastside (1994, Rap-A-Lot)

If The World Was Mine is nice and all that and I know its the more appropriate song considering him popping his clogs but man – Sleepin In My Nikes woulda made for the greatest video ever. It wouldnt have been all that weird without him in it cos RAL were the masters of making great (and very probably better) videos that didnt star the artists themselves. They shouldve had an all deceased/incarcertaed roster. Pt.18

Black Twang – The Queens Head (ft. Roots Manuva) (1995, Sound Of Money)

Who knew this had a video? Roots obviously wasnt on the ten pints/beans on toast diet yet. Wish Tony didnt have that transatlantic Twang in this one cos its probably his best tune.

Blac Monks – Buddha Nature (Rap-A-Lot, 1994)

What thoughtless arseholes let 3-2 and Lil Bruce out their respective houses like that? fucks sake.

Paris – The Days of Old (1992, Full Scarface Records)

One of my favourite beats ever, bunch of people have used the sample but never with anything close to the emotional punch this has. Can someone explain to me why Paris is so underrated? Sleeping with the Enemy is a minor classic in my opinion and has aged really well.

5th Ward Juvenilez –  G Groove (1995, Rap-A-Lot)

Way better than the Kurious song.

BDP- We In there on Yo! (1992, Jive)

Dogg Pound – Lets Play House (Death Row, 1995)

Probably shouldve put this in the Nate post, im sure one of the other six milli-on did though.

Concentration Camp- Sickness (C-Loc Records, 1998)

The Afros – Feel It (1990, CBS)

One of the greatest singles ever and now I know I know it had a video to match thanks to Ego Trip. Davy D is probably the greatest producer ever that no one really talks about. Tougher Than Leather>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Poppa LQ – Why Hate Me (1995, Rap-A-Lot)

Jungle Brothers – On The Road Again (My Jimmy Weighs A Ton) (Q-Tip Remix) (1993, WB)

Ghetto Mafia – Everyday Thang In The Hood (ft. Mc Breed) (1994, Funk Town Records)

Breed doesnt get enough love either, he had tunes.

Suga T – Can You Handle this (Pushin Hits, 2000)

Roots Manuve – Juggle Tings Proper (Big Dada, 1999)

This either. Brits obviously never heard of youtube til recently.

Menace Clan – Da Hood (1995, Rap-A-Lot)

Brand Nubian – Love Me Or leave Me Alone on Yo! (1993, Elektra)

The Puba-less albums arent appreciated enough either, especially Everything Is Everything. Nice one, I managed to make it this far without actually saying slept-on.

Mia X -I Wanna Be With You (1995, No Limit)

Conjugal spittin.


Jayo Felony – Sherm Sticc (1995, JMJ Records)

King Tee – Dippin (1995, MCA)


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3 Responses to aggregatin vol three

  1. Thun says:

    Great set of videos.

    I was mercilessly mocked by my peers for suggesting that Poppa LQ was nice with his. I thought he had the smoothest flow I had heard in years and was geeked when his videos came on BET Rap City, and naturally my peoples being proud East Coast folks simply could not open their mind to it.

    I was also castigated for agreeing with our sense that Paris “Days Of Old” is far superior to Kurious’s “I’m Kurious.” The Kurious song is pretty lame, actually, “Uptown Hit” and “Walk Like A Duck” were infinitely better singles, plus the joint with Sadat X and Mike G “Mansion and a Yacht” was the fly shit for a minute. On his album, the joints he did with Casual and MF Grimm are excellent. Kurious had an interesting lane in that he was on some ghetto geek chic likeable loser with boom bap swagger type deal.

    Paris is underrated because he is the perfect blend of Chuck D and Ice Cube and a lot of people aren’t even up on Chuck D and Ice Cube anymore. We’re all fucked, basically.

    5th War Juvenilez song is great, missed that.

    3XCrazy got, err, crazy flows for certain but that interpolation of “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” is not heaven to my ears. I can’t play a musical instrument though, so I’m kind of a dick for just sneering at their effort, but ultimately I’m not feeling it, and not because it sounds so different from what you’d expect to be derived from the source material.

    Jesus, Sweet Tee is sexy as hell. Isn’t that E-40’s sister or something? Don’t answer that, I don’t want to know. Pepa in the “Whatta Man” video owns the sexy bathtub sudsy pose, though, and don’t you forget that.

    Not feeling: Mia X, Seagram, The Afros. You don’t have to lecture me, either, I’ve been familiar with their work for years and it’s not for me. I’m not mad at any of them, though.

    Brand Nubian, Menace Clan, and King Tee on the other hand, should all be played as often as possible, by as many people as possible, at the loudest volumes.

  2. It’s all about melancholy the sax in The Days Of Old.

    Spell It With A J was THE Kurious joint,imo.

  3. done says:

    That sax puts it in another league. Good description of Paris Thun, his voice was one of the greatest too, like Rakim mixed with Richie Rich. Cowboys and indians become real life shit. Yeah Ive been tryna put people I know up on the appeal of Cube beyond It Was a Good Day etc for ages, most effective political rapper Ive ever heard. You may not neccisarily agree with what hes saying but you fuckin felt it.

    I can understand the others (im not fully decided on Seagram yet, sometimes that delivery gets on my nerves) but im with J-Zone on The Afros. Actually I agreed with most of his “unpopular opinion” in that post he did so maybe im just weird.

    That video doesnt really do that beat justice though. If you havent heard 3x Krazy’s first EP Sick-O I highly reccomend it, their album Stackin Chips while not quite as good in my opinion is still really great.

    I only heard that Poppa LQ a few days ago and its class, his flow is indeed ridiculous on there. Im kinda grateful I grew up when and where I did cos I wasnt subjected to a lot of the influences and bias I wouldve been otherwise (though I probably missed out on a lot of positives, Influence and being able to relate properly can be positive aswell.). I can just go back and pick and choose stuff, discovering something great like that id never heard of is fun too. I dont get these younger people who just stick to the established classics, with the freedom of choice and ease of access to shit on the internet its a shame they all seem te have the same stock Ready To Die, Illmatic etc favourites. Im still always baffled why their curiosity for old shit near dies once theyv just heard those. Some people would just rather be told than find out for themselves i suppose.

    Its Suga T, though I think Sweet T was actually way fitter than Suga despite her “gifts”.

    I should probably give that Kurious album another go, it was ages ago in fairness and people do really seem to like it for some reason.

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