totin on the chop suey

San Quinn, Messy Marv, The Jacka and Husalah – This Is How We Feel

Pumpin’ heroin in my veins, on one leg like a crane
in the Lex’, tacked out, tryna smoke my thoughts away
they point your fitted cap out, I could take your thoughts away
I’d probly look you in your eyes squeeze then turn and walk away
cos thats the usual method, that a mobsta selected
been robbin n**gas for breakfast, dont fight just enhance it
my n**gas dancin with cannons, extortin n**gas with hammers
you filming hood-to-hood too then get this shit on camera
all the shit i been through, surprised ive still got manners
one love to all my n**gas doin life in the slammer
Hus’ when you get out the pen you’ll come home to a Phantom
‘cos im still hittin banks with the cam bandana *

I always thought this album was kinda under appreciated, while it certainly fits in the typical bay area collabo album mould where its just a bunch of songs by the same people compiled together rather than a focoused project, theres still some really great songs on it. The highlight for me, as is often the case, is Jacka (despite Mess having the best song) who has some of his strongest work on here. This verse in particular is a great example of how effective he can be with a more outwardly technical style and sober delivery as opposed to the sing-song emotive approach hes been using more and more lately. While hes great at that and its an important part of his style hes also really gifted at this relentless machine gun shit too. Plus theres a bunch of class images, particularly the opener – which is exactly how to open a verse. HERON N CRANES. And all the shit i been through, surprised ive still got manners should be sampled for a hook, if people still do things like that.

Im no expert on the bay but one thing thats struck me is how openly their use of not typically hip hop drugs is mentioned in their rhymes, from Del’s hallucinogens, the Mac Dre led popularisation of yokes, Andre Nickatina’s decade long love affair with cocaine to Jacka’s, and Hus’ especially, references to hop. While iv heard other rappers rap about it, Cash Money in particular seem to have that boy as their unofficial sponsor, the abundance of heroin raps is weird and whatever about the morality of it (obv), it just feels kinda out of place in rap music.

Obviously cocaines the more relevant and obvious choice and smoking/snorting something doesnt really have that same druggie connotation as sticking it in your arm does but thats not really why it jars for me. It could be cos where im from cokes still relatively alien but Coke Rap invokes images of dudes in tees X suits with the rolled up sleeves sniffing a big expensive pile of it off a three thousand quid felt-cornered mahogany desk and Cocaine Cowboys, whereas Skag Rap just makes me think of some pissy-smelling cunt at the bus stop asking to borrow a fiver with a half a mile an hour story why or this.

San Quinns new album sounds really promising. His voice ages like wine, unlike all other rappers ever. Sometimes sloppier is better too.

*Thanks to David for the help transcribing.
Disclaimer #norapistrapper#notupac: Im rusty, this couldve been kinda funny otherwise.
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3 Responses to totin on the chop suey

  1. Never heard that album, but this and the Marv song you linked are both pretty sweet.

    • done says:

      Yeah its the third (and probably final, considering their tiff) Explosive Mode San Quinn and Mess did. Theres a great one with Husalah called Money and a hard as fuck Jacka solo, K.I.L.L.E.R. too. Whole albums great really.

      Theres so many Mob Figaz albums though, Im only getting to the earlier group stuff now. Hus’ Hustlin Ass is so good.

  2. San Quinn says:


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