aggregatin’ volume four

Swagger jacking J-Zone edition. This week I’ve been doing actual proper music nerd things for once, like hunting down videos i previously never knew existed and illegally downloading obscure gangsta rap albums in leiu of doing actual proper IRL things like buying milk, so I’ve discovered a few gems I’d like to share with those of you that werent up on em for years already.

Live Squad – Heartless (Tommy Boy, 1992)

Man I completely fogot about this banger. Theres too many great things about this video but cock diesel Wayne Brady popping the jogger and yer man’s Mercedes link dookie rope are probly my favourites, has that cinematic Rap-A-Lot swag in bundles too. J-Zone put it best the other day: “Live Squad joins Mob Style as the ruggedest group to ever come out of NY”

This song >>>>> 2pack.

Ap.9 – Daddy Was A Gangsta (2007)

Having little kids on rap songs usually either gives a song that standard post-millenium horror flick creepy vibe ala A.B.C. or drags it kickin and screaming into the mawkish faux-motivational cheese pit like I Can. Other times it hits some weird middle ground like Its All Bad, them Outkast skits or this tune here.

Ice-T – Bitches 2 (Warner Bros, 1991)

It exists! Some hero uploaded a bunch of the videos from the fabled O.G. VHS J-Zone teased us with in his ode to cassettes.

Juvenile – Set It Off (Cash Money, 2001)

Ok so these next few are probably just me sleeping and everyone already knew about them but whatever, It made my day when I saw all these Cash Money vids the other day. Triggerman never gets old.

Lil Wayne – Earthquake (Cash Money, 2004)

Especially this one. I remember being confused why this didnt have a video first time I heard The Carter but it obviously just hadnt been upped to youtube yet.

Lil Wayne – Way Of Life ft. TQ & Big Tymers (Cash Money, 2002)

Top 5 Cash Money single, and The greatest Weezy one by far. I hear ye on Go DJ, The Block Is Hot, Get Off The Corner, A Millie (reluctantly) and Shine (man that post Hot Boys-fall out remix with Mack 10 is so inferior) but this combines numbers 7, 4 and 1 on the CMR great song checklist to greater effect than any of them – #7: homages an older rap song, in this case Get Money and Paid In Full (which they liked so much they did twice) as well as interpolate the source material to great effect, #4: features Baby and Mannie flamboasting/Renegading their host and #1: Mannie beat.

Partners-N-Crime -Let The Good Times Roll (Big Boy Records, 1995)

Speaking of which, The label Cash Money beefed with* were very good. Even without including the people No Limit poached later on they had a great roster, G-Slimm and Partners-N-Crime both made brilliant albums, im yet to check out most of the rest of them though. This JCC Enterprises person really is the greatest.

Deion Sanders-Must be the Money (1994, Bust it Records)

Thanks again to Captain Back$lap for this one which he mentioned in the comments to one of his posts. Ron Artest, Ivorson, Shaq, Jason Kidd, K.O.B.E., and John  Barnes can only dream of bringing this high a standard of impetuous ballerism to their vanity recordings.

Western Tink – Short TX Jr (2011, again- its 2011)

Really like this beat, it makes great use of the Boyz In The Hood/Front, Back, Side to Side percussion noises (? this shits not my Fugees’ blow-carrier) and an epic trumpet sample, courtesy of Lil B/Main Attraktionz producer Beautiful Lou.

Now this could be my newfound appreciation for female rappers getting the best of me but I think I may have been a bit hard on Marvaless in the past. While she does seriously ruin an otherwise great album with her off-beat-but-not-in-the-way-its-on-beat-cos-its-just-off-beat rapping, I’ve discovered she actually has some good music in her, or at least did:

Marvaless- Bring The Bomb (1996, AWOL Records)

According to Mister Jay her Ghetto Blues album is worth checking too. Im still planning on Stalin-ing her verses from 3 Da Hard Way though.

This albums hard as nails and has a heap of classic Bido, N.O. Joe and Mike Dean production. Fairly derivative of ‘Face but still great nonetheless.

5th Ward Boyz – Studio Gangsta ft. Scarface, (Rap-A-Lot, 1993)

I thought it might be a CC Waterbound deal again but as this song shows its obviously more just a case of heavy influence. Fair enough, Im sure he’d keep the best for himself but He outclasses ’em way too much for it to be actual ghostwriting in my opinion. Anyways I may be a mid-level music nerd but these kinda guessing games get boring as fuck to me pretty quick so whatever.

5th Ward Boyz – Undercover Gangsta (Rap-A-Lot, 1993)

Been playing this constantly the last few days. Any album with three Levitti features is automatically better than everything.

Cool-E – Break Yo Self  (1997, Tact Out Records)

Cool-E – Dodge City (1997, Tact Out Records)

* Speaking of which, if you havent heard UNLV member Tec-9’s solo album yet hop to it cos its the business, some of Mannie Fresh’s best productions on here. Theres heaps of other good albums from this era like Kilo-G’s and Ms Tee’s (im probably the only one who appreciates her cod jamaican bounce warblings though) but this ones probably my favourite.

Tec-9 – Loose Lips Sink Ships ft. Number Lu** (Cash Money, 1995)

Tec-9 – Ridin High ft. Kilo G (Cash Money 1995)

** >>>>>Dre Day. Dumb rappers need teachin.
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6 Responses to aggregatin’ volume four

  1. mister jay says:

    im honored my internet comment opinions are floating around through your head. this is a great post, thanks for that ice-t video!

    • done says:

      No bother man and thanks. You should check out that dude’s account, he has a bunch of other videos for OG album tracks, its class.

    • done says:

      Ah man I just checked and theres videos for every track, including skits. I fucking love the internet.

      • mister jay says:

        damn ice-t was making too many music videos way before “revenue retrievin”. im just gonna watch “o.g.: the musical” for the rest of the day

  2. This reminds me that I still need to pick up the The Iceberg VHS tape too.

    That Tec-9 shit sounds kinda interesting.

    • done says:

      What theres an Iceberg one too? ah man.

      Actually the rest of the Straight From Tha Ramp is probably better than both the songs I upped tbh. His flow on Bounty Killer in particular, is amazing. Theres a Mannie skit dissing Big Boy thats class too.

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