im a beast im a dog

Irish things I’m not embarrased by #4.

Their prison issue. Probably cos they didnt make any money from it they properly went in on these themed issues, this ones all jail everything. Features a great in-depth article on Sherrif Joe Arpaio, who you might know from assisting reknowned law enforcer Steven Segal. Man I miss Mongrel.


And heres your summer barbeque soundtrack. Its basically how noz described the song its named after spread over 48 minutes with a bunch of relevant soul classics peppered in between (the rap song/sample source thing is hardly an original idea but the way Aries does it youd swear He invented it), including my favourite coup song and one by my favourite band. Its fucking perfect. Once again, via Southern Hospitality, who’s own mixes are running shit too. Seriously, get on that.

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