bitch what are you smokin

Heres a bunch of the better Livewire videos all in one place because: they choose actual album highlights for “singles”, often make good videos for them and have a demented work ethic so the chance of some passing you by is high. For some unfathomable reason the most talented dudes have way less videos than some of the others though. Martorialist’s Lil B collections what inspired this, exept Livewire dont have whatever magic Based God has to make most of his failed attempts interesting or lolz-worthy so i couldnt include them all. Still a fucking lot though.

This is mob music, dont use laptop speakers.

Straight From Oakland

Man I wish someone else got the first verse. Philty picks up the slack though, hes usually generic as fuck but he comes through sometimes. Stalin is jokes on this one. STOP CONTRIBUTING TO TOPLESS RAPPER CULTURE.

Another Quelo

Sip Somethin

Teeth 2 Feet

If theres a rapper who gets first dibs on “sada tae”, its Keak.

Push It

Lil Rue, probably the second best rapper in Livewire. His Street Album and Syrup & Kush are both excellent.

You Dont Hear My Tummy

One Mo Lick

Oakland, California

Stop My Shine

Stressed Out

Shouldve made a video for this though.

Self Made Millionaire


If You Aint livewire

Stevie and Philty are by a long stretch the most prolifc with the videos, which is a shame because they’re my least favourite members. While im quite partial to Stevie’s Freeway/Turf talk-ish delivery and he does rap really well sometimes, hes kinda inconsistent. The same for Philty but times ten. They both have serious A&R ears though.

Across The Water

Gimme Da Loot

Neva Blink

First song I heard him on and to be honest I wasnt too impressed, for shame.

Extortion Music

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Im Good Where I’m At

Paint The Town

Im smokin, doors open, drivin two miles an hour in west Oakland

No Mask



So Much Pain

Gumbo Pot

Rock Day


They definitely have joints though.

Try Again Tommorow

One thing thats brought up near any time Stalin is discussed is how good he is at conveying emotion through his delivery, with his weird but really effective way of exentuating every other syllable, but something that doesnt seem to be mentioned as much is his sense of humour. Yeah Hes from that DB/Z-Ro/Boosie school of ‘Pac influenced emo-rap but he also knows how to kid arond when its appropriate, something which makes him stand out even more from the rest of his crew. This videos a great example, Its obvious Hes having way more fun than He should be having and has at least some idea how ridiculous some of his more saccharine moments appear, something that’s worth bearing in mind the next time you dismiss one of his 4 Da Laydeez jams out of hand.

Most of my favourites have a decent sense of humour, which is probably more of a rap thing with stuff like punchlines and immediate gratification, something which is fairly essential for comedy, also being heavily prized in rap music. Not to dismiss its ability to tap into other emotions but the most common reaction to great rapping is usually a smile or a laugh. That thing Dave Chappelle said about musicians and comedians having a lot in common, while somewhat hyperbolic, rings true a lot. Even Prince “I consider “taking myself too seriously” to be a compliment” Rogers Nelson took the piss loads.

Show Me

This is genius. If you dont respect Stalin for this greatness your just an eejit.


And if you dont for this Im surprised your capable of operating a computer.

What It Is

Self Made

Lets Get It On Tonight

Mobb Marley

Lyrical Exercise

God this is fucking hilarious, literally just some dude running through the settings on his camera one by one, which is a shame because this song deserves a far more serious treatment. Ive since heard songs to challenge it’s top spot but for a long time this one was my Sicilian Breeze. Youtube’s low end killers probably most unfortunate on this so Pump That Bass.

Shan’s Song

This is intense.

Ready Or Not

That Quick

20 Floors

Sell My Coke

Colder Blood

Do Dat Freestyle


Everyday My Birthday

Snitch Food

Thats Right

80’s Baby (Livewire Remix)

No Mo

DJ Bluebird just put me up on this one, I definitely went overboard with the Stevie hate above actually.

Gettin G’

I was revisiting the Best Of Martorialist post and near smacked myself I’d forgotten Gettin G’s. This Is A Slumper.

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6 Responses to bitch what are you smokin

  1. Kool.

    What’s the deal with Eddi Projex? Is he a sorta unofficial member because him and Beeda Weeda seem to be on some Jacka & Husalah type shit.

  2. done says:

    Damn I never thought about him. I asked Davey Boy Smith just to make sure I wasnt missing anyone and his name never came up so dunno, apparantly Beeda Weedas not an official member though.

    Gonna double check that actually cos Eddie has some tunes.

  3. djbluebird says:

    Like i said. eddie would cannabalise j. stalins market a bit…. vocally they sound kinda similar and i can’t see him putting on someone who sounds that much like himself.

    • done says:

      Yeah makes sense, shame though cos Id take Eddie over Jay Jonah or Philty any day. Actually I shouldnt have lumped Stevie in with him above, hes far superior.

  4. djbluebird says:

    also, co-sign on stalins emotional quality in his raps. i wrote some t’ing a while back about how he sounds like he’s a second from tears half the time he raps. and it works.

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