back smellin like fresh vegetables


Been distracted lately taking care of B.I., following the 5 elements of Hare Krishna, watching Topcat, gettin’ gee-eyed and making love to strange exotic wildlife but I definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, ferserious, might be posting more regularly about rap music and related matters from here on, no Jay Smooth.

In the interim I’ve discovered that late era Andre Nickatina is still the weirdest, greatest shit ever, the Anchorman bonus film made up of offcuts is even shitter than it sounds and this:

is somehow just middling mediocre, proving that you should always and never judge a dvd by its cover, respectively.

Also that apart from Benny Blanco and the time he played the meth-head doctor on ER or whatever, Leguizamo is straight jonah juice. Ditto for Ferrel, bar the Talledega Nights dinner scenes and Anchorman, obvs. I get its legendary and used to be good etc but near any SNL clip i’ve seen post him joining is nursing home evening medicine lull status, even Norms just aiiite on it most the time. Oh and if I ever met a child that acted like that man its losing baby teeth early.

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2 Responses to back smellin like fresh vegetables

  1. Thun says:

    Hangin’ With The Homeboys is not a good movie per se, but it is enjoyable, has some funny/awkward weirdness that can only happen in the early 90s, and is one of very few films that deals explicitly with Afro-American/Puerto Rican relations. It’s worth another less dismissive viewing by you; if you can find something of value in every instance of Bay Area idiocy ever committed to the permanent record, you can apply your brain cells to Hangin’ With The Homeboys more constructively.

    Welcome back to blogging, btw.

  2. done says:

    Ha cheers Thun.

    Your the second person to say they liked it. Dunno, I did zone out a bit half-way so maybe I missed something but I just felt like I’d seen it dozens of times already. The cop humilition scene in particular was tired as fuck, then the messy way they tried to play it for laughs way too soon after ruined what little emotional impact it mightve had. Whole thing was too confused and generic for it to even get any sort of weird/lolz points imo. Youve got me on the Afro-American/PeurtoRican relations thing though and your right it is rarely adressed in film, or otherwise (least to my admittedly limited knowledge). Matter of fact I heard this recently and it reminded me of that:

    I usually love these old overly earnest feel-good comedys aswell eg Angus, Fakin The Funk etc, and not neccesarily for ironic value. Wish I had a better memory cos I spent a heap of sundays watching the like as a kid and I’ve forgotten most their names.

    Those Bay rappers go stupid figuratively as well as literally mang.

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