my people murder banks and they rob helicopters

Grand Puba, 2pack, Treach & Def Jef Freestyle (some afterparty in The Early Nineties)

Saw this at the almighty Upnorth Trips and noticed he linked to the 6 minute version thats missing Puba’s extended spoken word 5% gibberish. I always meant to check out Jef’s material after this and that but never bothered, it worth my while?

Greatest drunken style evar. >>>>>>>>Ol dirty on Yo! and Gainsberg moving on pre-crack Whitney.

I wish I coulda been around when ‘Pac got less reaction than Def Jef.

Treach thinks 2pack lives in cuba.

Actual content coming soon, apologies etc

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7 Responses to my people murder banks and they rob helicopters

  1. Thun says:

    Def Jef was kind of like a West Coast Percee P (prior to Percee P moving to the West Coast) in that he had on flow that he did really well. His albums have their moments, and a bunch of cool Sly and the Family Stone samples. But really, his greatest verse by far is his cameo on Ed OG and Da Bulldogs “Speak Upon It”:

    I don’t think there was ever a hip hop artist with as grating a personality as 2Pac. How anyone could drink around him and not punch him in his fucking nose within seconds is beyond me.

  2. done says:

    Monie Love is technically a hip hop artist, not saying I’d Dee Barnes her but if I had my older sister with me….

    Yeah thats not bad, might have a look for his albums then. Hes no Percee though, his style was incredible – he doesnt really seem like the type who could make a proper album but one by him in his prime, maybe produced by Finesse would’ve made for at least a few bangers. I like a few of his old singles and the Madlib album was solid but just imagine.

  3. Thun says:

    Percee P, dude? Really?

  4. done says:

    Ha! I’ve even seen him live. I suppose I haven’t read enough on him to know what the consensus is but you’re not feeling him like that?

    Not much of a song-writer but hes a beast imo.

  5. You still after a copy of Bubba’s first album? Some village outlet budget CD/DVD emporium near me have a bunch in their 3 CDs for £5 sale and I can pick one up and send it over if you’re still looking for one.

  6. Nah, because that’s just some random letters I typed. I’ll mail you at your address up there. Nipping there tomorrow evening so I’ll pick one up then and get back to you.

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