death mix

I’ve been slackin the last month or so heres a heap of cool shit I’ve been sitting on. Triple dose of scans because I just remembered thats the main reason I started this blog in the first place, not to share my very interesting stories about  finding jackets and liking bad rap music.

Not gonna talk this up, just download it for fucks sake, it’s funny. I was a bit heated when I read this cos my ma did that pilgrimage thing a few times when I was a BG and neglected to mention all the fundamentaller lolz, I think she stopped taking me before I was grown-up enough to point and laugh.

There is also one of those prophetic recession articles people ignored cause everyone was too busy sniffing coke off their Maybachs but it ain’t shit compared to the greatest conscious rap song ever made:

reality rap.

I bought this with London Posse’s album, something that sparked a conversation with the shopkeeper which possibly led him to believe I was one of his people, only for him to grill me somethin awful when I copped this instead of the rare funk 45s/native tongues mix (presumably by some struggling irish Hip-Hop dj/his mate) he was tryna push on me.

Well fuck you mane, that mix was probly basura and this:

is the realness.

Speaking of rappers who had music released while he was incarcerated, (admittedly without a former miss Wales or double-barrelled jazrag model but at least he could handle his bizness without his mother seeing) I recently came across this pretty great Young Black Brotha unreleased songs compilation which includes this gem:

Mac Mall & Mac Dre – Mac Who? pt.1

Which is sorta the YBB version of Puffin’ on Blunts and Drankin’ Tangueray, where Mac Mall and Mac Dre just go off, alternating between freestyling and “writtens” (if I read/hear one more mind-numbingly pointless discussion on “real freestyles” I’m joining the post service.) over a Khayree banger dropping quotables like “I could talk a cat off a fish-wagon”. Theres a part two which is pretty decent too, as well as a class Young lay song where he pre-empts his Renegading of the dude that went previous with “I do it a little difficulter, but its similar to what you’re talking about”.

Passive aggresive adlibs>>>> snatching mics offa arms.

“Wrote it when I was 15”

Youtube him. Reminds me of when a few of my mates and like a hundred others heckled Des Bishop mercilessly at a (looking back, kinda mediocre) Jay-Z gig.

This one was originally even thicker but I got a bit ruthless this go round and left a bunch of chaff on the bakery floor or whatever. I previously shyed away from editing the mags out of respect for the hard work put in and one mans trash… etc but nah, fuck that noise. Man if you really want to read a Kanye West concert review, seriously, get the fuck off my blog and nameless journo, if that Spank Rock interview was anything other than a check you’ve wasted your life. Masta Killa Won.

Also nice not having to scan oiled up 50 Cent glamour shots tbhnhjic. Swear to god theres one where his belts unbuckled and hes reaching under his tanktop.

This ones pretty great, in celebration of their 200th issue they collated a bunch of old interviews and theres some really good ones:

  • Chuck D just prior to Fear Of A Black Planet (I’m with J-zone on this one and speaking of which he has a new website with re-ups of all his old Gator$ -N-Fur$ podcasts. The episodes I got way back when were all slappin like dynasty bitches, one even introduced me to Suga Free and blessed me with the inability to ever be a pussy-managed square ever again. I probly should’ve baked a few CD-Rs worth inside a cake for Spiral.) where he shirks the Griff controversy in favour of talking up Amerikkkas Most Wanted, ’cause back then Cube was actually a legit change of topic when discussing anti-semitism.
  • Pissed Big Baby jesus interview where he reveals Millie Jackson is his favourite singer, which makes perfect sense.
  • DJ Tat Money interview discussing the Steady B & Cool C bank robbery following the news Cool C was to be executed.
  • Really good lengthy article on rap journalism.
  • R.A. The Rugged Man predicts the oscars.
  • A Tribe Called Quest interview centering around their break-up, speaking of which, I wish Rappingport’s documentary didn’t focus on the drama quite as much but The Tribe Doc Is Amazing.
  • Wu Tang interview involving Andy Cole and Kevin Campbell. Without knowing anything about them I already know they rank way below Rio Ferdinand on the football playing rap enthusiast embarrasing cunt scale so through the magic of lowered expectations its impossible for this to be anything but a good read.
  • Hilarious KRS interview circa Sex & Violence – which the clownshoes interviewer describes as his worst album. Fair enough you wanna buy into the T’CHA SOLD OUT nonsense but if you’re not feeling that album you’re disqualified from rap music. On the right day its my favourite one, the perfect distillation of the gangsterism married with uplifment edutainment philosophy (or “providing avenues to the truth” rather than preaching, as GuttaBoyJihad described it) he always claimed, fully realised for the first time. He actually jumped the shark around the time he started preaching all the 4 elephants shite that same writer probly cosigns. Sorry dude who wrote article 20 years ago, I just dont hold truck with anyone who cant relate to Freddy Foxx kidnapping a wack rapper that he didn’t like’s kids so he can raise them himself and eventually fight them. Criminal Minded has Superhoe on it.

Speaking of talented eccentrics:

Good article, I’m no film buff but I’m assuming this magazine is an XXL equivalent, where its 90% hacky bullshit but occasionally redeems itself with stuff like this. Theres a good Coppola (the one who did Dracula starring Keanu Reeves not the one who did the Beastie Boys skit) interview too if anyones interested. I’m only getting into films proper in the last year or so, which makes this article a bit
bittersweet cause I never had  a chance to hear any of the Herzog legend first plus this Penn-type snitching stuff often ruins the fun a bit. Ditto for them chumps who unmasked the Rubberbandits – game got real regular.

I wanna shout out all the blog people that gave me a hand/linked to my shit too so cheers, hl, Martorialist, Yayo, Boothe, Thun and anyone else who fucks with me.

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2 Responses to death mix

  1. Thanks for the Herzog scans and this double Mac joint is ace. Gonna find this YBB thing ASAP.

    How could Aisleyne possibly reject the advances of the dude who made Finglaz? This shit goes harder than James Mason in Odd Man Out.

  2. done says:

    “straight…….win this?”

    Its a Silent Murder-style youtube only joint too, maybe Inspire L Productions were afraid Dre would sue them cos It actually blew up a bit over here if I remember right. Aisleyne probably wakes up in a cold sweat most nights thinking how she missed her chance to be in the So Sexy video.

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