aint with no marriage and a wedding ring

Stall the fucking ball. Before I even go any further –  none of this shit has more than 20,000 views? This is The Original White Folks – much like A Tribe Called Quest, you have to say the whole thing but unlike Katt Williams any angle hes working ends before it reaches a square – he said himself “I don’t fuck with lames”, well they obviously dont fuck with him either and comprise a much thicker slice of the internets pie than I’d ever previously imagined. With UGK, Weezy, and Uncle Rush endorsing his book, (Or at least posing for pictures with it, co-signs arent exactly the same seal of approval they once were.) I’m pretty shocked I hadn’t heard of this already, though I suppose I shouldn’t be considering this still hasn’t done the rounds yet.

This is probably a good opportunity to throw up this song, since its game related but isn’t exactly hitting Suga Free levels of mysogyny as its more playeristic than macknificent, appropriate considering White Folks even-handed and gentlemannish approach to pimp philosiphising. Produced by the incomparable Black C and from his only album, (RBL Posse kinda had bad luck) 1995’s Solo Creep.

  Would You Know-Hitman Ft. Mr Cee* (Right Way Productions)

Man, those closing bars. RIP.

* This one probably liked girls with actual ovaries.
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2 Responses to aint with no marriage and a wedding ring

  1. mister jay says:

    i always liked that song “g’s and jiggies” off of hitman’s solo creep. mr cee is still the greatest metaphor/simile rapper, and my favorite rbl posse member. the game is to be sold not told, so i might need to buy that book.

  2. done says:

    Ah yeah I’m definitely gonna pick up the book. You should check out the rest of the videos though, He has a heap more game for ye to soak up.

    G’s and Jiggles is aiite. Definitely a lot more gully than above song anways, despite the Rap & Bullshit.

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