c raps

Dice – Holdontomy dick! (The 40 Made Me Do It, 1992)

Kinda cheating with this post ’cause Its pretty much the same one from four months back but I’ve had this album in steady rotation the last few days so I figured I’d re-up it, considering actual humans look at this blog now. Think of this as the Pocket Full Of Stones remix where a good song gets improved upon unusually long after its originally released when it’s creator has stepped their game up (except I used to be more ’88 The Click than ’93 UGK, and even then I’m feeling myself way too much. Probably gonna have to destroy & rebuild all that shite.)

This is Dice. He is from Detroit and is a bit of a mad cunt. He has albums with titles like The 40 Made Me Do It and theneighborhoodshittalka.

Ya Woman Iz Fuckin (1992, The 40 Made Me Do It)

This is a song about him having sex with your girlfriend.

760 A.D. (1992, The 40 Made Me Do It)

Not spoiling this one. Dice seems to have the same approach to accents as me and Alan Rickman do with any european one, except instead of Sviatislav from Count Duckula its pre-Judging Amy Cheech Marin.

Gettin High (1996, theneighborhoodshittalka)

Thankfully not a song about getting high in the neighbourhood.

40 Made Me Do It is the superior album by a good distance, the second one benifits from having some surprisingly mobbin Esham production (I’m open for suggestions on this dude) but lacks a lot of the crazy that made his debut so entertaining. While above videos less Now I Feel Ya focused artistic vision and more him handing a few notes scribbled on a napkin to the director, theres still some nice attention to detail in amongst Dice’s trademark haphazard ridiculousness by way of visual cues for the lyrics – the bottle of “Joi” and how the mirror technique is used to keep nicks on something other than a c.o. or sharpened hairbrush.

He still trys, bless him:

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2 Responses to c raps

  1. The 760 A.D joint is hot and that album title is pretty much a code to live by.

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