music videos

Oh man. I was researching The Coup for a post and stumbled across this channel with a bunch of rap documentaries, I haven’t checked em all yet, there seems to be a heap of those shite unauthorised things – including the Outkast one with the random fan talking heads Werner panned but above flick and this Trick Daddy one are pretty great.


You’l have to switch channels half way through for some of these, but it should be all there.

I never even knew about this one, that may be the greatest into I’ve ever seen.

Theres heaps more,  get em while theyre active.

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2 Responses to music videos

  1. Have you watched Paid In Full yet then?

  2. done says:

    Ah yeah there used to be this great blogspot with all the rap related flicks, I saw it there along with the Charlie Hustle doc and a bunch of others and Paid In Full might actually be my favourite one.

    Its so good, Cam steals every scene. Nore’s cameo too – “hes sellin’ coke, poppin’ wheelies, sellin’ coke, always fuckin’ with the bitches, he sell a lot of coke man”

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