aggregatin vol four point five

My monthly “I’ve run out of ideas” post. Its not a misnomer this time: all flicks, no thought.

Super-Wolf – Super-Wolf Can Do It!

Werner Herzog eats his shoe. How I slept on this dude for so long, I don’t know.

Husalah – Retro Mob

No Peace– South Central Cartel ft. Spice 1, Treach, Ice-T, Ant Banks,Boss, Mc Breed & Murder Squad

Not quite Self-Destruction or All In The Same Gang but has its moments. Tracey’s verse>>>>>

Dorrough Music – Bounce Dat

Whodini – Rap Machine

Lil B- Cocaine

Half Pint – One Leg Up

Kate Bush – Breathing

Ri-Ra & DJ Mek – Follow

Infamous Mobb ft. Prodigy – Pull The Plug

Dunno why, but I’ve watched this a lot.  Um.

Paperboy – Ditty

Dre Dog – The New Jim Jones

Ludacris – Diamond In The Back

Luda has another style? I liked old Ludacris but I have to admit I haven’t listened to any of his albums in at least a half-decade so I’ve no clue if this was a one off or what. Tune though.

Nump- Jump On Da Scrape

Cash Money Millionaires – Project Bitch

Messy Marv, Damu & Mitchy Slick

I made a Tumblr for this kind of nonsense:

damn, heres a tissue

I still hate Tumblr though.

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2 Responses to aggregatin vol four point five

  1. Word i still hate tumblr too fuck that shit. WordPress and Blogger are more #based anyway.
    Nice collection of videos here. Good blog, #breh

    • done says:

      Thanks man, diorpaint.tumblr is the only exception to that rule though.

      Since joining Tumblr I’ve realised its actually great if you have one, just everyone else suffers. So you either dont mess with tumblr or you add to the ocean of pointless blogs.

      Fuck tumblr, basically.

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