betha but not as good


I write things on this now too:

Tumblr is still the devil.

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2 Responses to betha but not as good

  1. Word yeah like you said and your tumblr go hard, as well as who’s a pretty good writer on rap/pop culture and other subjects of interest. But yeah, why Is everybody on tumblr? It’s Iike goddamn facebook, goddamit.
    Made a new mix up at which I think you might could like if you liked the first one.
    Word is born!

  2. done says:

    Ah nice one, I’m on it. That last mix goes so fucking hard man, great work.

    Ah yeah, willy’s is probably my favourite one, followed by tumblinerb, spaceagehustle and somanyshrimp. Its even better than the almighty Nation of Thizzlam, maybe ‘cos theres no more commenters berating him for straying away from Bay Area rap. The only reasons Im fucking with tumblr at all is laziness and it works as a great RSS reader for other tumblrs. Yeh, fuck Zuckerberg’s blackmail library too and don’t even get me started on Google fucking plus.

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