six degrees of five minutes of funk

BG Ft. Ms. Tee – Start N Tha Game (True Story, 1995)

Soultry – Cash Money ( Motown, 1995)


RBL Posse – 1 Time 4 The Homies (An Eye For An Eye, 1997)

Jayo Felony – Nitty Gritty (Def Jam, 1998)


E-40 – Like A Jungle (Loyalty & Betrayal, 2000)

NHT Boyz – Respect (The Bay Area, 2011)


Anyone think they’ve sussed the connections? Judging by this site’s stats the last few weeks I’m expecting tumbleweed though.

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7 Responses to six degrees of five minutes of funk

  1. scjoha says:

    Start N Tha Game is great. I think it’s an underappreciated gem. Never seen it posted on blogs before. Probably my most played B.G. jam, who is damn nce for 14 or 15 year old here. His rapid fire style combined with Mannie’s beat is bliss in my ears. I wishthat sampled bass was mixed a little louder though. Love that beat, mayne.

  2. done says:

    Me too, my only gripe with these early Cash Money albums is the mastering. For a region which relied so heavily on low end, it’s songs don’t seem to reflect that, that said, its probably cos we’re listening to shitty mp3 versions, possibly the result of some 3rd generation cassette dub. Its not Memphis-type tape hiss, (im a bit of a fetishist for that kinda shit but i would kill for the original versions of those tunes) but its still kinda annoyin.

    BGs really weird in how he developed his style so early and just unfailingly stuck with it for two decades but even with that, his rapping on True Story might be my favourite of his.

  3. scjoha says:

    Well, I have True story as an ctual CD (2000-something re-release), bass is weak on there too. The drums are bangin’ though.

  4. done says:

    Oh well, suppose we’ll just have to lump it.

    Mannie’s drums were so good on there.

  5. scjoha says:

    Ha, by accidentall I finally managed to identify that sample Mannie used here. I came across Nature’s 5 Minutes To Flush on DJ Clue’s Triple Platinum tape and thought to myself: Damn, that’s it. It’s a bit slower and far more clear there. Turns out the sample is Whodini’s 5 Minutes of Funk. Guess it’s time to get myself familiar with a band I always heard about but never actually bothered to listen.
    But yeah, Mannie’s drums here are gold and turns that sample into a whole new song.

    • done says:

      Ah yeah all these songs use 5 Minutes Of Funk, one of my favourite tunes man. Theres other connections between em though.

      I’d reccomend starting with their first 2 albums, their later shit has its moments but those 2 are amazing. Their producer Larry smith is the fucking dude, he produced all RUN DMC’s early shit & (supposedly) Fat Boys’ too.

  6. scjoha says:

    Damn, fuck my typing. *By accident*

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