me my cutty hus

The Bay’s famed work ethic means theres a steady ton of albums produced weekly, the 30% or so that aren’t by Messy Marv are quite often collaboration ones in an effort to pool fanbases and most of those are by Mob Figaz members. Yet despite this Husalah and Jacka, one of rap’s great unofficial duos in the Rae & Ghost/Styles & Jada/40 & B-Legit mould, somehow never managed to get it together for even a sloppy, disappointing true joint long player. Technically its possible they could both still do it I suppose but considering prior to doing porridge Husalah was given a 6 month grace period to “get his musical affairs in order” ie: record a truckload of songs, his prolific recording run whilst on the actual run, Jacka being similarly fond of graft and still no album, not to mention how Hus’ has obviously been spending most of his post-penitentuary time walking the streets rather than rapping – I’m a bit skeptical.

I’d like to think this is the album they would’ve made during that time on the lam if he had spent it in a remote mountain cabin only the Mob Figaz, Mac Dre, Cormega & I dunno, Rob Lo knew the location of, Jacka had brought a few beat cds and then locked them both in for a few months ala EPMD, only to emerge once they’d made a proper proper album that at the very least has both of them on every song.**


** Even in that dream scenario there would of course still be a recycled verse or two.
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7 Responses to me my cutty hus

  1. hl says:

    Dope. Thanks.

  2. Nyquil says:

    This mix slaps, breh

  3. Put ya face on the side of ya face!

  4. done says:

    Bloggaz gang-bang on the internet.

    Anyone know why the edited ones would come out in such low fidelity? I’m no audiophile so whatever but I’m sure some people care.

  5. Thomas says:

    Nice mixtape. I didn’t recognize a handful of these, but it turns out every Jacka and Husalah song has been put on three different albums and retitled each time.
    The only way I know of getting songs to stay in the same sequence is if you give them all the same album title and then sequence them from there.

  6. Thomas says:

    Brah where is “I Want to be a Husalah” though? That song is my favorite Hus and Jack song, Jacka’s verse is so mainey; “I’m smoking real shit n*** that will make you throw up, upchuck, your wife gettin’ butt fucked.” Shit is too real, plus it ends with Jacka dropping “hope that ain’t your girlfriend, we’ve been selling her holmes.” UGGHH!

    • done says:

      Yeh, Mob Figaz’ habit of spreading their music all over the place is part of the reason I made this, Sick & deranged and have got at least four versions out there each.

      I Want To Be A Husalah is a fucking classic alright but I didn’t want to add anything from Hustlin Since Da 80s, their Demolition Men tape, Head Shotz or The Jack Artist since those are amazing albums in their own rights. Actually it turns out the sequence thing is cool, its in the right order on ipods and stuff.

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