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1995 Interview with KRS-ONE, Ego Trip magazine. Via the OG rap-rag scan spot, Press Rewind If I Haven’t….

Anyone only familiar with Kris from his throwback mixtape standards and deranged internet personality antics might be surprised to learn the man was once probably the most charismatic and engaging interview subject in rap (only Ice-T, Chuck D or maybe Slick Rick came close) with a seriously impressive gift for documenting and repeating his personal narrative. Yeh, he was stilll an obnoxious ego maniac and obviously fairly touched but he hadn’t begun his full descent into the darkside just yet.

One of many classic KRS one-sided conversations, where without much of a prompt he hijacks the interview to impart his life story in full (thats not as hyperbolic as youd think- calling him verbose is putting it lightly), something he’s done on heaps  of occasions but this is probably my favourite – literally starting from his birth and detailing his really unorthodox, meta-physicist multi-faith upbringing, experiences living homeless as a teen and his eventual hook-up with Scott La Rock to start the crew Scott La Rock & The Celebrity Three(which counted legendary graffiti writer Levi167 amongst it’s members), later to become 12:41, the  unpolished group who in their attempts to get Mr Magic to play their rush-recorded material on radio sparked one of the most important diss songs ever, which in turn begat a massively influential and amazing catalogue of rap songs. Then he dissed Nelly & started a temple and stuff.

Dude gives really fucking good quote.

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