i aint even tryna google that

Figured I should probably do at least one more post before I up the important end of year list & email my contributions elsewhere so boom:

P-Folks AKA Roulette – Weight & Measure (1999, Smoke In-Halation, Blood, Sweat & Tears) 

My horrorcore knowledge is mostly limited to Gravediggaz, a shermed-up Big Lurch lunchin’ on his girlfriend’s thigh and Uncle Rush earning his nickname by funding one of the first really blatant examples of rap nepotism (shouts to Biz Markie’s brother Diamond Shell, WC’s grandmother & 2010 XXL Freshman nephew Diggy), so forgive me if I’m not that clued in on this shit but what the fucks the story with this dude?

Kinda miffed how someone with a style this original isn’t more heralded but judging by the general apathy that greeted Brutha Lynch Hung’s last album(even after receiving more promo then he has in a decade & a half), being affiliated with someone widely known for just being the “baby killa” dude may not have been the most savvy move.  (Maybe its cos he released it through Strange Music though – whatever about Lynch, nothing scares away your average meat & potatoes gangsta rap fan like a Tech-N9ne cosign. Go get that juggalo paper though mang, we’ve been fucking up your money for too long.)

The important thing to remember is that lads with “folks” at the end of their name distribute the highest standard of game:

Young Dre D – Dirt All By My Lonely (1997,  Recognize Records) 

I don’t know much about this dude other than like P-Folks, hes from Sacramento and raps kinda fast but my man has broken more laws of physics than most pen & pixel covers with his album art here:

…a rare feat feat that warrants inclusion in a post imo. Yeah, 8ball had the vultures that were almost as big as the shuttle but this shits so rudimentary I’d say it was made solely using the old reliable eraser and “cut & paste box-crop thingy” from Windows 95 MS Paint if it wasn’t for the few hamfisted attempts at feathering.

Juvenile ft. DJ Paul & Juicy J – I’m Expecting (2009, No Delinquency mixtape) 

“yeah yeah! Alchemist! Juvenile! 3-6 Mafia!”  !!! – I don’t know how in god’s name this happened or if its just a beat-jack but I’m very happy it did.

Despite Mannie Fresh doing his best to play hype-man for two out-of-touch dudes who aren’t in the habit of making the best career decisions, I’m not near as hopeful for Juvie’s Mannie-produced comeback as I am for Mystikal’s (whos gonna rap his hole off regardless what CMYMB diddy bop bollocks instrumental hes given) but if he can somehow manage to choose beats and draft in features as good as he did here then its a fair trade-off for getting severly outclassed by dudes he could have rapped rings around 10 years previous.

Daddy D – Back Breaka (1995, Game Recognize Game)  

To round out the poorly researched random rap bullshit, heres this song by some Flavor Unit affiliate from Oklahoma (yup.) I’ve never heard of. His album, like this song, is 50% mind-achingly cornball nonsense delivered fairly well (the vocals are mixed stupid(meaningstupid) high throughout too), but this is the only one where he manages to shuffle most of the cringe out of the way for a whole verse. Then starts at it again after the hook, oh well.

He makes a great case for being The Gay Rapper Part 14 too:

way to DL if true, bro – no one’l find you if you hang round with this lady.

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2 Responses to i aint even tryna google that

  1. The Juicy J, Paul and Juve track produced by ALC was for Alchemist’s 2009 album “Chemical Warfare.” I remember this only because it was in the beginning of my internet rap days, and I was so confused by the producer/rapper combo – it’s great though.

  2. done says:

    Ah right, that kinda makes more sense. What kinda drugs was he smoking to leave it on the cutting room floor? Juicy J murders it.

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