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After seeing the SuperInternetOFWG producer people mention Sleepy’s Theme on their twitter and reading this excellent interview Complex did with Rico Wade, Ray Murray and Mr DJ (Don’t Let Go!) I figured an important music video list for some of the lesser acknowledged Dungeon Family essentials was needed. Features too. Some of these are well-known classics really but I think they’re in danger of being slept-on when they belong to the same catalog as Hey Ya etc.

 Parental Advisory ft. Eightball – Sundown 

Outkast ft. Cee-Lo – In Due Time

 Society of Soul – Pushin

Goodie Mob – Get Rich To This ft Big Boi

 Slimm Calhoun feat. Andre 3000-It’s Ok 

Sleepy’s Theme – Still Smokin

Backbone – 5 Duce 4 Tre

Mista – Blackberry Mollasses 

Killer Mike – My Chrome ft. Big Boi 

Goodie Mob – Play Your Flutes 

Joi – Missing You

Outkast –Land Of A Million Drums

 Sleepy’s Theme – Curse On You

Malachi – Grimey

Roscoe- Head To Toe ft. Sleepy Brown

Goodie Mob ft. Esthero – The World I Know

86 your one lads

Witchdoctor – Best Year

Big Gipp ft. Sleepy Brown – Steppin Out

 Outkast ft. Raekwon – Skew It On The Bar-B

Cee-Lo – Gettin Grown

Joi- Sunshine And The Rain

Cool Breeze – Cre-A-Tine

Cre-A-Tine was in the Complex thing but it only has 98,000 views somehow. This should’ve had a video too.

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