veni vitti vici

Amongst the many, many great things about E-40’s new series of albums is how much of the guest list reads like the 90s Bay Area rap wiki page – Richie Rich, Spice 1, Jt The Bigga Figga, C-Bo, Sam Bostic, Brutha Lynch Hung, both Celly Cell and Cellski, Andre Nickatina(!),  Heiro (!?!) and along with the standard B-Legit features he even included his cousins Kaveo & Mugzi, the latter who most of us havent heard hide nor hair of in many moons.

As impressive as all that is, theres one dude who used to be an essential cog in the Sic Wid It machine that it would’ve been great to see 40 reach out to, Levitti. While hardly a hook-man of Nate Dogg’s stature (obviously thats an ocean even the most talented rap & bullshit dudes have never managed to  traverse but any mention of “hook-man” without acknowledging him just seems wrong.), Levitti managed to quietly carve out a pretty respectable career for most of the 90s & early 00s, lacing mostly lesser known Bay Area rappers’ songs with his distinct nasally tone. Thats probably the main reason I like Levitti, maybe he doesnt have the most technical ability but he has a unique voice thats not likely to be mistaken for the thousands of scared of their own cat, prepubescent sounding squares and generic studio beures doing their best Whitney/Mariah impressions, who rappers usually dont even bother to credit on their tracklisting cos they’re so nondescript. Hes got that Anthony Hamilton-“not likely to get beat the fuck up by the average pre-1982 soul dude” OG masculine pomp in spades, he talks like it too. It’d be great if more current Bay Area rappers made use of Levitti, especially since hes now reduced himself to facepalmery like this.

Its probably not a stretch to say the average E-40/The Click fan might not have payed that close attention to who was singing on all those old songs, so I thought it would be good to throw a few of the best ones he contributed to together for anyone who missed out. Since most are likely familiar with 1 Luv and Hot Sunny Day or whatever, the compilation mainly steers clear of the early Sic Wid It classics hes been on, to keep it interesting and shine some light on some thumpers you might have missed.

Man, I cant even remember what the joke with my blog’s name was supposed to be now.

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5 Responses to veni vitti vici

  1. Ohhhhhh – look at this here.

  2. done says:

    Im surprised, this got less hits than a Slick Pulla tape. Internets dont know nothing bout that ‘vitti, it seems.

    Maybe I shoulda gone with Michel’le.

  3. Thomas says:

    I like what you have done here. I sort of thought Levitti was retired until he popped up on the new E-40 album. Feel kind of bad for him choosing to be involved with that Sick Lake video 😦

    Dope mix!

  4. Levitti kIng says:

    Hello This is Levitti and I wanna say thanks for your support I am singing again and me and me cousins 40 Blegit D-shot and Suga-t are back strong as ever look for my new album “SWITCH HIT”
    Coming this summer!

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