ph level

 Kool Daddy Fresh – Born To Slang (PT. II) (1994, Murder Dog Presents: Piranha Killer Fish 5823/Kool Daddy Fresh- Plottin’)

From what I can gather, Murder Dog compilations had a pretty simple format: one song by Al Kapone, a dozen by people never to be heard from again and one stand out bonafide brick through the windscreen(often by someone never to be heard from again). This comp’s foreign object is a marriage destroying, baby liver shrinking, microwave pawning, remorseless pro-crack distribution anthem in the Pocketfull Of Stones, Slinging Base and Ghetto Dope mould.

 Chubb Rock- A Message To The B.A.N. (1992, I Gotta Get Mine Yo!)

Now Prince Markie Dee is a fitness instuctor and everyone else either had a coronary or got grassy knoll-ed, maybe its time the last obese elderly rapper dude standing was shown some appreciation before all those combo meals catch up with him and the internets overrun with declerations of how he was as good as G Rap. His albums were pretty patchy but that doesn’t explain why if hes brought up at all, its usually either Treat Em Right, his scene-stealing Crooklyn Dodgers 2 verse or possibly his freestyle on the last Yo! MTV Raps episode and thats pretty much it.
Maybe its revisionist LL Cool J/Ice-T syndrome where people can’t see the classics for the chapstick allergy, hats like a shark’s fin and leprechauns in the hood. Hows someone get overlooked though, over some rap&bullshit quiet storm junts and a Trackmasters affilation – when they had 3 albums almost entirely produced by Howie-T and when not spouting confusing basedpositive non sequiters & wasting classic posse cut opportunities by letting Tone rap & Grand Puba recycle 10 verses at once, was actually pretty great at rapping?
This song doesn’t really work as a Contact Blitt “wacky tour antics” story cos Chubb tends to be fairly obtuse at the best of times and its basically just in-jokes about (a lot of)people I don’t know but Chubb still makes his rapidfire snippets of anecdotes really universal somehow. What grown man hasnt slagged their buddy for bagging a not-stunning companion, had a food fight and bought a 380 from some anonymous hick though, anyways?

 Money B & Identity – Confidential Informer (1997, Spread Yo’ Hustle compilation)

lol if your bucket list contains getting the film trailer man to do your answering machine message, when cosigns and drops are so easy to obtain now a rap sanga like T-Pain can be made endorse the republican party post- every rapper breathing* having rocked an Obama t-shirt:

and so having 40 water record something 9/10s of callers will be listening too slow for could presumably be hooked up pretty easily via twitter, especially after someone as minor league as Identity(aka wishful thinking) managed it all the way back in 1997. Hes nice though and I’m actually glad he got more time than Digital Underground vet Money B, (who’s Tonite Show with DJ Fresh doesn’t seem to exist on the internet unfortunately) who apart from saying “bitch muthafucka” really well doesnt add that much to the song.

*With one notable exception:

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3 Responses to ph level

  1. TM says:

    Killer opening screen grab.

  2. Conservative victory 2010. You already know what it is.

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