mello my man

Revisiting the Wild Weekend episode where Ice Lou plays basketball at Master P’s house and gets his shoes laced by the worldwide international godfather gangsta pimp Mello-T recently has inspired me to see if I can unearth anything by the Mississippi rap pioneer thats cropped up since The Martorialist’s priceless posts on him from 2010.

I’m having a hard time weighing up whether I should pay for this Mississippi Legend cd he released in 2011. On the one hand he has a song about a stripper coming out the closet and another which samples what I want played when I’m made fly the shuttle into the sun after spotting 3-d 2pac & Liberace playing Streets Of Rage through one of Sputnik’s portholes, on the other hand theres stuff like a Ha remake so true to the original it makes you wonder why he bothered at all. Be Axel, not Atomic.

His record shop/label’s Family Tree compilation from 1999 is pretty good though and possibly even worth it’s extortionate price tag on Amazon. As well as a fair few previously unreleased Wildliffe Society bangers it even has 2 solo songs by Treasure, someone most of us who watched the episode assumed was just being strung along with rapper pipe dreams by Mello, her Jesus Christ. I suspect he never got round to setting a date for the wedding though.

As novel as hearing the now well-worn “rapping = sex” concept from a female perspective is, I’m not quite enlightened enough to not find “the head of my pen is sensitive, it gets all exited when i give, it a handjob it starts to throb, the ink starts coming out in blobs all over the paper” somewhat nauseating tbh, however well executed.

Wildliffe Society – Get Your Beg On (1999, Family Tree)

Considering my last post contained two songs with enough comedy t-shirt slogan fodder to last the next two world cups and my less than kosher attitude to browbeaten women expressing their sexuality through rapping, a good conscientous, Gaurdian reading, chickpea stewing right’un like your boy should probably feel a ways about this being my favourite song off the comp. Theres still jew-els for the wary though:

“get your hair done, get your nails did, get some new shoes for your kid”

Wildliffe Society ft. Eddie Seawood – Family Tree (1999, Family Tree compilation)

I’ll leave the asking myself questions severely for now though as theres also a token ’90s gangsta rap conscious album cut (TM Too Short) to address the karmic balance. While it is undeniable fact that no one rapped about dealing crack cocaine like the acne ridden teenage character from The Simpsons til The Clipse came along, one or two mischevous upstarts like Mello-T gave their “feed poison to those who could very well be my kin” angle a dry run before those groundbreaking Virginia virtuosos made it Art. Granted, it probably would be a downer if an old secondary school teacher approached you wanting to reenact the Woodrow skit but man is that shit hilarious when its a particularly cuntish one getting thrown out a strip club with vomit on his shirt. On a weeknight, no less.

Unfortunately the only previews of his bizzare collabo with middle aged MD, Dr Frank McCune…

I could find were on itunes and seem to have been taken down. Thats a shame cos according to Martha’s customer review from, Transition “is the solution to the universal disparities suffered by people of color through the diaspora” – a far more convincing argument than any of Nas’s fully-baked mumbles on how making a song about a trolling right wing pundit is basically the same as Malcolm, Martin & Huey painting the white house black after pissing on John Wayne’s grave.

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3 Responses to mello my man

  1. King Louis says:

    I still want that album by the Ice Cold dude which Mello-T put out that I mentioned in my first post.

    Good work.

  2. done says:

    Theres a few other decent songs off the comp, if you want a rar I can email it. The first song off its probably better than either of those actually.

    I think Mello’s label might’ve put out a few albums, scant evidence online though unfortunately.

  3. ben says:

    ill have an email containing the rar please also did any one find anything on the group jump out boys … the ones that tortured and. set a girl on girl and then sent to jail … i got greenwade … biggalow and mass

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