mega mega mo mega

“Get The Quinn! Get the Quinn!”

What part of your interconnected networks is fucking with youtube in 2012? This past year or so, against all logic, its realigned itself with Mecca and increased the rare exclusive secrete artifacts count tenfold. Most of interest to the Rap Game Krelboyne interested in the minutae of his favourite rapper’s working week are the endless behind the scenes studio clips, concert footage and interviews, often the least salted of which are to be found on the traditional street dvd beloved of every gangsta rapper since Snoop Lion kicked down the buildings.

Whats so great about this particular documentary though is along with the obvious care and time that went into making it (filmed over the course of 4 years between 02-06) and relatively high production values, the limited niche appeal of dudes punching in a dozen times for an 8 bar verse, production nerdery, already platinum declarations etc are kept to a minimum. It also never feels exploitative, which is often a concern when youre an ofay comfy blogging from a certain selectively developed country that still has a lot of grass for road stripes and old boy politicans who ball like a far less sophisticated Freddy Rumsen:

Its mostly down to the subject. Always an engaging and thoughtful interviewee, the doc does a great job of being reflective of Cormega’s character, which is a ridiculous thing to say about someone whos effectively a stranger really but if theres one impression you get from ‘Mega its that he (again not to romanticize criminality) does appear to live by the codes & ideals that’re an integral part of his music. Despite the requisite screen time given to glassy eyed strongarm men in northface shouting out longitudes & latitudes and some minor flashing of small arms, he makes equal fuss of visiting a clinic for paraplegics and interviewing his charismatic older relatives. Like the other great remorseful thug dudes of the 00s – Z-Ro, Beanie, Jacka & Boosie its the introspection and conflicted morality as much as it is the balls out hard manning that makes him so fascinating.

 Cormega & Kool G Rap – Thugs At Work (unreleased, late 90s)

I mean theres Marly Marl, Hot Day, Tragedy & Poet talking about his feared battle rep, Kurupt, Pete Rock and PMD cameos, a classic Mob Figaz sideshow segment and so forth but what really makes makes it stand out from most haphazard rap dvds is the unbridled sincerity and folksy wisdom. Shit like him dropping “prestige is a cultural illusion” into casual conversation, giving up many important gear flossing minutes to a middle aged sports memorabilia dude and enthusiastically directing a game of musical chairs at his baby shower. As good as Wayne dismissing an interviewer because he asked about brass band music or Fettucinni P threatening to shoot people in their muscles is, theres definitely something to be said for following someone this earnest around for a few hours as they drop the occasional pearl and deconstruct rapper/hustler foibles.

 (freestyle with Noreaga and Superb from The Montana Way, 1997)

His recent recent interviews with Combat Jack and Brytburken are very necessary too. Now goodluck cos its a beautiful saturday and theres skin to damage.

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