saint charles

Oh man, I did the knowledge and I may have been prematurely in the building feeling myself with the last post. Not only have the episodes I came across already been streaming at this really great blog for a few months, theres a few others including one that has Marilyn Chambers performing some innuendo laden, porno chic era Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus type jawn immediately following James’ weekly edutainment interview with an elderly lady who knew Booker T. Washington.

Heres the episode with Roni Hill and Lee Austin if you find their player too fiddly.

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2 Responses to saint charles

  1. Maceo Porker says:

    Best find of the month!

    • done says:

      Its like all the best bits from Soul Train, except the guests dont lip sync and theres James’ patented unintelligible game spitting. Cant stop watching this shit.

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