why mason wasnt a mason rly

Kanye has two sex tapes floating around, that according to various gossip outlets supposedly demonstrate his superhuman stamina and ability to use his “hehhhh” adlib appropriately or some shit. Guaranteed once theyre released it will if anything, further his career in an era where no one cares about sex tapes and this is why the rap media is illuminati funded. How is Yung Berg’s name synonymous for failure when every one of his robberies/self-pwns can easily be topped by one from fellow Chicago rappers Kanye and Lupe?

Lupe, a fucking god awful, artless, clumsy writer with  a Kweli-ian ability to count bars and Ron Howard voice, prone to the kind of sloppy, reactionary ideas you normally only encounter before age 20 at that point at the end of a long night of taking drugs when the epiphanies are coming in by the bundle and youre frantically agreeing with whatever deep thought fragment the crustie at the other end of the couch shits out. Except with those two people its just vague platitudes and with Lupe its this Alex Jones-strong conviction, gimmicky, muddled conceptualizing, inflammatory sloganeering (eg his deconstruction of “bad bitches”) and presented like its been peer-tested by the world’s finest sociology professors.

All this actual criticism is giving him too much respect though cos hes also the character who:

  • Made a condescending song about having conflicted feelings listening to gangsta rap/many sweeping statements about people glorifying capitalist rap shit etc before being revealed to have earlier in his career made as much of a flossy gangsta rap song as a beta clown like Lupe could: 
  • Performs a Tribe Called Quest tribute on a tv show made specifically for young people/rappers to show respect to their elders then forgets the lyrics/doesnt bother to learn them in first place. Later when asked to apologise, says he was thuggin’ too hard to be into Tribe and spent his youth listening to Spice 1 and Too $hort tapes
  • Proud of his superior reasoning and refusal to drop n-bombs then when provoked by Bol (bear in mind this was pre-rap blogs current ubiquity and industry cache) calls him a “bitch ass n***a”
  • Made a concept song about a young black man trapped in the cycle of crime and poverty or something, from the perspective of a hamburger 
  • He voluntarily named himself “fiasco”

etc etc

Kanye’s flaws as a rapper and public gaffes/transparent media stunts are well charted territory at this point so theres no need to detail every one. His knee-jerk Katrina “commentary” being treated like him just having a heartfelt, sincere moment when he just happens to be on the telly is understandable enough I suppose but the fact he is delusional enough to power through shit like taking himself too seriously to get a South Park parody about him taking himself too seriously to get jokes, and “fish sticks” isnt shouted at him at every public appearance from now til hes buried under the Vanity Fair building, isnt on at all.

Theres a difference between the arrogant lavish living in denial of the sort Rawse has perfected and being sonned repeatedly and not only getting all fauxmotional and not taking the shots like a man, then having your $cientologist media connects implant enough subliminal thetans in ads on Rap Radar and Worldstar that this shit is actually debated rather than universally agreed to be the car crashes they are. Once that element of doubt is in the air, any dents thats might have appeared in their rap armour are smoothed out.

Ye let yourselves be told Berg was a washed up pop rapper whos only skillz are being humiliated when hes clearly a pretty successful songwriter/producer and businessman caking off a decade long career in the music industry. Im glad Ma$e isnt the standard punchline anymore for many people though, since he was a great rapper with a classic debut, not recognized as such only because it was released immediately following De La & Jeru’s drawing a line in the sand with Rap Game Gordon Geckos on one side, rhythmless sci-fi fans and middle aged killjoys shaking their fists at any cloud with silver in it, on the other.

Here – I like my entertainers contradictory, with questionable personal beliefs and able to churn out a public incident or two like anyone else and you can go enjoy Kanye and Lupe’s bad rap songs(in Kanye’s case, the dozen or so that arent great/saved by more capable people) if you want, just leave poor Ma$e and Berg alone, make “lupefiasco” a verb and distribute your respect where its deserved. Your rapper dudes arent real rap superheroes, breh, theyre cubicle warriors who left their Comic Con tights on too long

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One Response to why mason wasnt a mason rly

  1. Thomas says:

    I had no idea about any of those Lupe Fiasco incidents. Any time a rapper tries to be like “I am going to make ‘intellligent hip-hop’ now, unlike all that crap that is out there” it is always equal parts terrible and embarrassing.

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